🛏️ Better, Deeper & More Restful Sleep – 7 Clinically Proven Tips – by Dr Sam Robbins0

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🛏️ Better, Deeper & More Restful Sleep – 7 Clinically Proven Tips – by Dr Sam Robbins
I truly believe that getting better sleep, is one of the best ways for improving your health, fitness and longevity.

With better sleep, you will burn more fat, build more muscle, your skin and hair will be better, your memory and cognition will improve, cravings will be less, you’ll be happier and in a better mood and you’ll greatly reduce your risk for many illnesses and diseases.

And the reason is that good, quality sleep helps restore every aspect of your body, all the cells and most importantly, improve hormones – my favorite topic.

Know Your Sleep Chronotype

Most people say that you should get to bed early and wake up early.

Wake Up With Sunlight

When you wake up in the morning, get some sunlight immediately. Let your eyes see sunlight to reset your hormones and “wake up”, which then preps your body to release your sleep hormone, melatonin at night.

Exercise Daily

If any of you have a dog, you know that you need to walk them. Not just so they can go to the bathroom, but so they can get some energy out. It helps them sleep better.

Eat A Healthy and Balanced Diet

This topic is too big for today’s video, but just eat healthy. Make sure you get healthy fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Don’t eat too close to bedtime. At least 1-2 hours before. You want your body to focus on repair and sleep, not digesting the food.

Dim The Lights – Especially Blue Light
As it’s important to get sunlight during the day. However, at night, you need to reduce the lights around you. This means to dim lights around your home. And more so, kill off the blue light from electronic devices like your phone and computers.

I’ve spoken about this in the past. You can get “blue blocking” apps on your electronic devices. But, I simply dim all my lights and wear blue-blocking glasses. I do so about an hour or two before bedtime and it really helps because it tells my body to start producing melatonin.

All the bright lights trick your brain into thinking it’s still day time.

Write It Down
As stated earlier, my mind is always racing. I’ve always been a “thinker”. And I’ve noticed many poor sleepers are similar.

Meditation is great.

However, I think writing things down is really important because it gets the junk out of your head. You can journal or have a diary or just write down what’s bothering you.

Then, make sure you also end on a positive note – what you’re grateful for? What you’re happy about. What IS working out in your life. Small or big, end with gratitude.

Just know that your brain can only hold on to ONE type of emotion. You can’t be angry AND grateful at the same time. So, better to end the day with happiness, on a positive note of gratitude.

Ironically, you’ll also get better sleep again, due to better hormones.

Take Specific Supplements To Relax
Finally, make sure you take some supplements that help you relax at night. Let’s face it, we live in a high stress world. We are getting bombarded with so much stimuli all day long, it’s hard to physically and more so, mentally relax.

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