#1 Pre Bed STRETCH To Do Before Bed (Sleep Better with THIS)0

*Before you get in bed, do this #1 Pre Bedtime Stretch Exercise. You will sleep BETTER. Give it a shot and feel the difference!*

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Stretching not only makes you more relaxed, but it helps keep your body flexible so you’re likely to experience discomfort or injuries.

You don’t have to give a lot of time for stretching; in fact, all you need is a few minutes before bed to make your body much healthier. You’ll not only increase your muscles’ strength and flexibility, these stretches will relax your body and help you get ready for quality sleep.

Doing this #1 Pre Bedtime Stretch before you get in bed will help you sleep BETTER.

Almost anyone, from runners to desk workers, can benefit from stretching out the entire body. Doing this stretch before you go to bed to help you feel relaxed and help reduce discomfort.

If you like a soothing shower before bed you can easily do this simple stretch in the shower. This will help soothe tired muscles and prepare your body for sleep. The warm water helps loosen tight muscles.

Try this easy, #1 pre bedtime stretch exercise that Coach Brian recommends to get your body ready to sleep.

And when you wake up, do this stretching routine to Master the Morning:


The #1 Exercise to Develop a Rounder Stronger Butt

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