5 Little Known Ways to Help Toddlers Sleep Through the Night0

It’s tough to make sure that your toddler doesn’t wake up several times during the night, and we’ve all heard the typical solutions to that problem.

Get them into a routine, feed them at the right times, sing lullabies before bed, but for some kids that stuff might not work.

Everybody’s little one is different and you might need to go a little bit outside the norm sometimes to find something that works for you.

So if you are struggling to help your toddler sleep through the night, despite the recommended methods, have no fear.

There is always going to be something that different that you haven’t tried yet. Here are five lesser-known tricks that you may not have tried yet.

1. Essential Oils

The popularity of essential oils is on the rise all over the world right now. Many oils that have been used in places like China and Brazil are being integrated into Western society.

The health benefits of them are numerous but we’ve been pretty unaware of them up until now. There are oils that help your hair, your skin, your digestion, all kinds of issues.

You could probably find an essential oil for a wide variety of health problems that you may be dealing with.

And there are even some that can help your toddlers sleep through the night. The ones that would be effective for this are cedarwood, lavender, chamomile, and a few others.

There are a few different ways that you can use these oils to help your toddler. You could give them a massage before bed using the oil.

A massage will relax them anyway and they can absorb the nutrients through their skin. You could also get a diffuser to allow the oils to spread throughout the air of their bedroom.

To find out more about why these oils are effective and how to use them, check out this guide on The Complete Home Spa.

2. Bedtime Snacks

Hearing someone advise you to give your kids a bedtime snack might seem like a strange thing. Most adults will try to avoid eating for several hours before bed.

You don’t want something sitting in your stomach while you’re trying to relax and you also don’t want to give yourself any kind of energy burst either.

But what you need to remember is that toddlers are in a period of growth. They’re bones, their muscles, everything is going to grow a lot when they’re at that stage.

They might require something to just keep them going for the night. Hunger could wake them up and their body is using up all of its nutrients for growth.

There’s not enough left to contribute to melatonin which helps you fall asleep. Something light, low in sugar and easy to eat such as a piece of toast should do the trick.

3. Don’t Use Sleep as a Punishment

At the toddler stage, your child has gotten to a point where they are starting to understand language a little bit better.

They’re also more active, more curious about the world and unfortunately more liable to misbehave in various ways.

Some parents will start to use sleep to punish their kids when they have reached this active stage.

You’ve heard parents say it, in fact you may have said it yourself at some point. “Stop or you’re going straight to bed.”

This might be effective, but it’s also painting sleep in a negative light. You’re reinforcing that the idea that it’s not something your child should enjoy.

This leads to restlessness. When your toddler is trying to sleep they’ll feel like they’re being punished.

Always talk about sleep with positivity. Teach your child from even before they’re a toddler that it’s a happy time. It will help them feel relaxed and content.

4. Give Them a Security Object

Separation anxiety is very common among young children. It doesn’t stop once they’re no longer a baby, in fact in some people it can continue towards their early teen years.

That would be a fairly rare case but it’s definitely something that you should still be keeping a keen eye on when your child is still a toddler.

In fact it might be more of a problem once your child has reached a stage of better understanding. They become more aware of the fact that you’re not around.

A security object is more than just something comfortable for them to hold, it can remind them of you and help them feel more at ease.

Slowly they’ll get more and more used to you not being around and eventually they won’t even notice your absence.

The most popular security object is a blanket but it can really be a variety of soft things. The trick is to keep it near you for a while before you give it to your child so that it smells like you.

It’s unwise to give something for a very young child to hold but you can be preparing it for your toddler while they’re still a baby.

5. Organic Cotton Pyjamas

Organic cotton is the best material for your child to sleep in. We tend not to think much about bed pyjamas because they’re one of the easiest things to get.

Every mother and baby store has a massive selection of them and you probably get several sleepsuits as gifts too.

But the material is not always ideal, it’s much healthier to go the route of organic cotton. You can get bed sheets that are the same.

There are no toxic chemicals in the cotton like you might find in polyester or manufactured cotton, which makes the air more breathable.

Sleeping in an environment that is making breathing difficult will disturb sleep. Organic cotton also won’t cause any skin rashes or irritation.

Toddlers have got sensitive skin and again, rashes are painful and will keep your kids up if it’s their bed clothes that are causing the problem.

The cotton is hypoallergenic, which means that it repels dust, mildew and mites and it will also prevent moisture so mold won’t grow on the clothes or sheets.

Finding organic cotton pyjamas for your child might not be the easiest thing in the world but if you do a bit of digging you should be able to find some.

You could even make a sleeping sack yourself at home if you were feeling crafty.


Again, even if these don’t work for you either, don’t lose hope on being able to sleep soundly. Your child is your child and they’re unique.

Sometimes that means you need to find unique ways to deal with common problems. So think outside the box, research and be resourceful.

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