5 Practical Ways to Stop Nursing Your Baby to Sleep0

We love our little angels. As much as possible, we want to spoil them.

But of course, our babies can exhibit insatiable stubbornness. They will demand a lot of things. Food, attention, care–you name it.

Furthermore, babies tend to develop a strong affinity toward pattern. For instance, young ones who are used to nursing before sleeping time will never be able to sleep without them being fed. This predicament is quite an issue because it cuts off the resting time of the mother.

There are also other issues when it comes to excessive baby nursing. Babies that have been nursed for extensive periods are prone to sleeping disorders.

If you are in the point of no return, the best thing that you can do is to slash off the habit from the system of your baby. Only that time you will be able to feel convenience as a parent. Here are the proven ways of how you can do it.

Start a Healthy Napping Routine

One should know that napping is different from sleeping. Therefore, the routines that you usually do in sleeping may not be applicable whenever you are trying to make your baby nap.

To ensure that your baby can get over with nursing dependency, napping sessions should be created. This time, you have to guarantee that there’s no feeding that is going to happen at all. If you can do this successfully, you will be able to break the common association of your child toward nursing and sleeping.

You can still nurse your child, but make sure that it doesn’t happen immediately before nap time. For instance, you can have them nursed outdoors in the morning. The sunlight will help in preventing your babies from getting sleepy even while you are nursing them.

To make things more convenient, I do suggest that you consult a round-up articles about breastfeeding pillows at ASleepyWolf.com. The latter provides better support and comfort to your young one while it is feeding time. It is a useful amenity even if you are outdoors.

Manipulate the Sleeping Environment

If you can be able to establish the perfect sleeping environment for your babies, they will be able to sleep faster without the need to nurse them. Improving the conduciveness of the sleeping area also regulates the circadian rhythm of your child. It is a foolproof method for a person to gain healthy sleeping habits.

For babies, it would be best that you let them sleep in a dim and quiet room. The temperature must be cool so that they won’t feel discomfort. White noise and lullabies might also help you out.

Establish a Different Schedule for Playtime

Playing is a necessary aspect for babies. It is where they can develop their mind and body. Furthermore, it can also train their responsiveness toward different stimulation.

You shouldn’t deny your baby the time that it needs to play. However, make sure that the schedule will never be an obstruction to the overall routine of your baby. Specifically, the playing time should never hamper sleeping time.

Once this happens, your baby will have a difficult time sleeping. After all, his/ her brain is already stimulated.

Prevent Nipple Dependence

It is entirely natural if your baby has grown accustomed to your nipple. During the maximum dependency period, your young one knows it as the food source. As time passes, your baby will eventually associate your nipples with all things that are comfortable for them.

It is not a long bow to draw that your baby has already thought that sleeping time means that he/ she can suck your breast. Well, if it is unavoidable, then you should give in to their request. However, there should come a time where you need to wean off their dependence to breast sucking.

Before your baby goes to the dreamland, you have to release or remove your nipple from their mouth. Of course, there’s a good chance that your child will wake up when you do this. But if you do this repeatedly, they will be able to sleep without you nursing them.

Reserve the Night for Daddy

Evening feeding time is a regular occurrence for your babies. However, make sure that it is your husband that will give the nighttime sustenance to your child.

You have to teach your child that nursing should not always be associated with only the matter. Beside, let them experience being fed their father as well so that they get comfortable even without your presence.

Just pump out some breast milk and let it be stored to a milk bottle. In this way, your babies can still get the proper nourishment while their dads are cradling them

Wrapping it Up

You can always send your baby to sleep even without nursing them. As a parent, you can teach your child when to feed and when to rest.

It would be a great thing if you can train them in this aspect. Take note that it will not only benefit your little angel but also to you as a parent.

That’s it for now. If you have some questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.



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