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A bath before bed can be the perfect start to a healthy nighttime routine for little ones, as well as a playful activity for the whole family to enjoy. However, young children and water can be a hazardous combination unless you take the right safety precautions to ensure the family bathroom remains a safe and fun-filled space.

To help you on your way, in this post, the bathroom design experts from Jaquar have put together some vital safety tips – giving you everything you need to curate a child-friendly bathroom that’s also primed for playtime.

Keep your eyes on the prize

There’s little doubt that most kids revel in the chance to splash about in the bath, whether it’s letting their imagination run wild with bath toys or covering themselves in masses of bubbles. However, for parents, it’s essential not to leave your child alone in the bathroom, or anywhere there’s water for that matter.

Certainly for tiny babies and toddlers who don’t have full control of their limbs yet, a slippery bathtub or wet bathroom floor can be a treacherous place with potentially fatal consequences if you don’t have your eye on them at all times.

To minimise risk, ensure there’s always another grown-up in the room, empty bathtubs after use and make sure wet floors are dried to avoid any slips and falls. In addition, before you begin your child’s bathing rituals, get organised with a basket or drawer close to the tub that’s stocked with all your bathtime must-haves. From your child’s favourite rubber duck to toiletries, nappies and towels, having everything to hand before you begin will mean you won’t ever need to run the risk of leaving your child alone.

Get a grip with anti-slip

Naturally, you should always stress the importance of staying seated in the bath to your children, but inevitably these playful and curious creatures do have a tendency to wriggle and splash about – even if unintentionally.

With this in mind, bolstering your bath’s safety with anti-slip matts and strips is a great way to help keep them upright in the water. You should apply an anti-skid matt outside of the bath, too – helping little ones feel surer on their feet when getting out of the bath covered in water.

It’s also beneficial to invest in suitable non-slip flooring solutions that provide additional grip underfoot, even when the surface is wet. There’s a wide range of anti-slip floor tiles now available, giving parents even greater choice when it comes to combining fashion and function.

Test the waters

Children have incredibly delicate and sensitive skin that can scald and burn easily – particularly in the case of babies and younger children. So, when it comes to bathing your child, you should always test the water temperature before letting them take the plunge. The best way to do this is either with your hand or, even better, dipping your elbow in – if it feels too warm for you, it’s definitely going to be too hot for them, so add some more cold to the mix.

As your child gets older, they will inevitably have a desire to be fiercely independent – continually striving to demonstrate how grown up they are by doing things for themselves. While this is a milestone for any parent, it can come with its risks where hot water is concerned. Minimise the risk of scalding from hot taps by first lowering the water temperature on your water heater to below 50°C. Beyond that, consider installing a tap strap to prevent any water-related disasters!

Safe-guard your toilet

Whether you’re bathing a newborn or starting the uphill battle of potty training your toddler, you may not realise that your toilet can pose quite a risk to young children, who are, by nature, curious about all things new.

At the perfect height to use as a pulling-up device and with that all-too-alluring pool of water below, an innocent toilet could pose a risk of drowning if an uncoordinated and top-heavy little one leans over too far. With this in mind, keep the lid closed at all times, and consider installing a toilet lock that will prevent little ones from being able to lift the lid open.

Lock away your toiletries

The average family bathroom is often filled with colourful bottles of cosmetics, cleaning products and medications that tiny tots won’t be able to resist reaching for. While many of these products feature childproof lids, you’d be surprised at how nimble those little hands can be when they want to see what’s inside.

To prevent your child from swallowing or coming into contact with any products that could be harmful to them, always keep these products out of reach – either in a wall cabinet or a cupboard with a childproof lock. That way, you can have complete peace of mind that these potentially harmful products are strictly out of bounds.

Despite the claim that all parents have ‘eyes in the back of their head’, the reality is that they don’t – but we hope that, with these vital safety tips for child-friendly bathrooms, you’ll be well on your way to creating a bathroom that’s safe while still offering a fun space for playful bathtimes.

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