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Comfort is everything, especially when it comes to sleep and the bedroom. After a long, tiring day, adequate sleep is essential! And thanks to technology, we now have the option to choose from a variety of mattress options. Choosing a mattress is a much more detailed process than it seems.

Humans spend almost one-third of their life sleeping, so it’s important to choose a mattress that complements your needs and sleeping patterns. As resting your body requires a certain level of support and comfort, you need to consider several factors while choosing the right mattress for your home. The size and shape of your mattress has a lot of importance too, so you can check out this comprehensive guide on mattress sizes by Mattress Insider to have a better idea.

Following are the 5 simple ways to get it right:

  1. Have a budget

    The amount of money that you’re willing to spend on a mattress should be taken into account before you even plan on visiting multiple storefronts. In this regard, you can avoid choosing the wrong mattress or paying for the one that you cannot afford.

    As there are plenty of options available on the market, you must first determine your budget and consider your personal needs before starting to explore different mattress types.

    Reading the reviews on trustworthy websites will help you stick to your budget and look out for products that are available on sale. While doing so, make a note of the ones that are in your price range and ask for those specific models when you visit the store.

    If there’s a certain type of mattress you have already been using and are absolutely comfortable with, you can also find out what type it is and go for an upgrade in the same category.

  2. Get a real-time look and feel

    You can’t get a clear picture (how it looks and feel) of the mattress you’re planning to purchase just by viewing it on your computer’s screen. If you want to choose a mattress that suits your home, you need to visit a few different showrooms and try out a few different types.

    Always look for a retailer who can provide you with an ample amount of information and give yourself the attention you need. Work with a highly skilled salesperson who can guide you through the whole process and support you to pick the right mattress for your home. At the end of the day, if you are not happy with the service offered at your local store, do not hesitate to take your business elsewhere.

    The best way to test a mattress? Lie on it! Sometimes the actual feeling of lying on a bed is the best way to find out if it’s the right fit for you.

  3. Sleeping position

    Believe it or not, your sleeping position plays an important role in the process of choosing the right mattress. Sometimes, if it’s difficult to change the way you sleep, it’s a smarter choice to change the kind of bed you’re sleeping on.

    On your back: If you’re used to sleeping on your back, then you require a mattress that is firm in a way that provides relief but also gives enough support. Back sleepers aren’t very common, only 15% of people according to some studies, so the mattress definitely needs to be of the memory foam kind.

    On your side: Sleeping on your side can cause pain or discomfort in your shoulders and joints, and too firm or hard of a mattress can only elevate this. Hence, you’ll need to choose a mattress that is softer and bouncier, so that there isn’t too much pressure on your bones.

    On your stomach: This is arguably the most common sleeping position, but also the least beneficial one. To avoid putting uneven pressure on your torso, you’ll need to choose a more firm mattress so that you don’t have pain in odd places when you wake up.

  4. Firmness level

    Firmness is one of the most important aspects which needs to be taken into consideration when choosing a mattress for your home. As each individual has a unique body size and preference, you must make sure that you get the firmness you want.

    Always bear in mind that a good mattress should satisfy the specific needs (size and shape) of an individual. Say, for instance, if you have a problem with your back, you must choose an appropriate bed to sleep in a position that’s comfortable for you. Apart from providing support for your back, your mattress should offer ample comfort while you sleep.

    Find a mattress with perfect firmness level based on your height, weight, comfort preference, and usual sleeping position.

  5. Compare your options

    Though there are several types of mattresses out there, the most common ones are traditional innerspring, memory foam and hybrids models. Each type of mattress has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s a good idea to know them first before heading out to the store.

    Innerspring -These are possibly the oldest type of mattresses available in the market and no they’re not very comfortable. However, the pros here are that they’re very much affordable and will also last decades if maintained the right way.

    Memory foam – As there are no springs or coils, this mattress would make no noise when you’re getting in and out of bed. It is an excellent choice for those who suffer from sore joints and aching muscles. And of course, it’s also known to adapt to the shape of the body to provide the perfect fit.

    Latex foam – These mattresses come in 2 options – natural and synthetic. The natural latex type is definitely a healthier option, but it also comes with a heavy price tag. Synthetic latex foam mattresses don’t cost as much and are comfortable too, but durability is a question mark. These are great for people who want a firm mattress that doesn’t bounce too much but is still comfortable.

    Hybrid – It is a combination of both memory foam and innerspring, combining the best qualities of both types. Hybrid mattresses are usually quite an investment, but they provide all the qualities one would require – durability, cooling, comfort, the ideal amount of bounce, and also the right firmness for the body.

    Often, selecting the right mattress type could be the hardest choice to make. So, always go with the one that you find comfortable to sleep on.


Finding the right mattress could be a complicated task, so it’s important to take your time and figure out the ones that will work best for your body type and sleeping position. Buying a mattress is a major investment for your home, and it could be quite overwhelming to choose the right bed that can make a positive difference. The decision-making process gets even harder with the number of options available for every brand and the type you can think of.

Since the key to a good night’s sleep is choosing the right mattress, you must do it wisely!

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