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You must have heard numerous time that Marriages can be challenging Sometimes. But did any anyone tell what are these challenges? And how to face them?

Don’t Panic!

In this article, you will find an answer to one of the challenges you might face after marriage.

You may be madly in love with your partner but listening to them snore every night can make you really mad. You can let it go for a day or two but on daily basis it a serious threat to your sleep. In many cases, couples are so frustrated with the snoring habits that they are even willing to take divorce. So if are one of them give it a second thought and try these useful tips to take the situation under your control. 

1. Communicate and make your partner cognizant of the situation 

Most times a person who snores is unaware of their habit. Snoring at night can be a result of mental stress or illness. Hence instead of accusing your partner of ruining your night sleep. Show concern and help your partner to understand the consequences.

There are multiple reasons for snoring at night.

You must learn the cause and remedy to cure your partner snoring.

A few common snoring causes are Older Age, Overweight, Sinus problem, Narrow air passage or nasal Problem, and Sleeping Posture.

The best thing you can do is to record the snoring sound and consult a doctor to find the exact remedy. Sometimes this information is not taken positively by your partner, therefore, try convincing them that it’s completely normal to snore.

Your real concern is their health and then your sleep

2. Talk about it

Talking it out is the mantra to have a happy marriage relationship. Your partner deserves to know how you feel. After realizing their annoying habit, their more chances that your partner will try everything to make it up to you. Sharing thoughts and feeling of each other will strengthen your relationship. Most often there is no one’s fault in such case, therefore, you have to listen and help each other to resolve such a problem.

3. Be supportive

For dealing with a snoring partner you have to be very enduring. You just cannot lose your temper and start venting out on your partner.

Just keep remembering the vows you took at the time of wedding “to support each other in better and worse”. This will give you the strength to stay determined.

4. Show empathy

Put yourself in your partner’s shoes and try to understand the situation. Snoring might be affecting their health as well so stop complaining. Show love and concern.

Buy some snore relief gadgets to solve the problem.

Looking at the situation from only your perspective is not the right thing to do ever.

5. Make your partner exercise

If you will look carefully at the snore causing factors, you will notice that most of the causes can be treated by a good healthy routine exercise. Research says “More than 90% of the male population of America is overweight” Thus snoring is a very common issue to tackle.

Usually, men are built with narrow throats which causes trouble in air passing while asleep.

Therefore most of the time men are the one with the snore trouble. Exercising the neck area with help men to overcome this problem. You can always accompany your partner for exercise to encourage his/her willpower.

6. Let your spouse sleep comfortably

Changing the sleep posture can be a great help. Try a few sleeping positions to identify the one helping your partner. As your partner cannot hear themselves snore, it is you who has to do all the work.

Remind them again n again to sleep in the position that is allowing a snore-free sleep.

This might be tough in the initial days because out of habit your partner may return back to the same snoring position. You just don’t give up. With time and your support, snoring will be gone forever.

Final advice

Marriage is a commitment to stay by your partner’s side in every situation. It is not a walk in the rosy garden where everything is beautiful. Snoring partner is just one challenge among so many. You should never give up on your soulmate so easily, especially on things which can be fixed.

You need to take efforts and have the patience to deal with every challenge coming your way. With mutual respect and understanding, you can be a happily ever after couple.

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