7 Tips on How to Make Your Baby Sleep Better0

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Sleep is one of the essential needs for a baby to be happy and healthy. In the first few days, weeks, or months of a baby’s life, they may be fussy, unsettled, and tend to cry a lot. And the worst thing is they love to sleep during the daytime and remain wide awake in the wee hours of the night. Maybe because parents too, especially the new ones, are nervous and seem not to know what to do for their babies. Here are some tips that might help in avoiding these trying situations. It is beneficial for parents to have a bedtime routine for their babies. I know, this is easier said than done. But once you can establish a routine, babies tend to be accustomed to it. There is no point for Mommy, Daddy, and the baby to spend sleepless nights when they do not really need to.

  1. CALM – Do not engage the baby for some exciting activities towards bedtime. Play with the baby during the daytime. Lull the baby to sleep. You can play some soft, soothing music. Better yet, sing a lullaby for your baby. Nothing can be more calming than their parents’ voice. Reading a story can also induce them to sleep. White noise or the sound of a whirring fan may also help soothe and lull your baby to sleep. Scented rooms can also be calming and sleep-inducing. It could also be calming for the babies when they are sleeping in their parents’ room.
  2. BATH
    Give the baby a bath before bedtime. That could freshen up the baby. It may be best not to have toys in the bathtub or not to let the baby play while taking a bath before bedtime. It can make them hyperactive. In winter time you can prepare a lukewarm bath. And on warmer days, a cooler one would do.
    After giving your baby a little exercise, for example in the best baby jumper, give them a refreshing bath, then cloth the baby with soft and comfortable night time wear. Cotton fabric or any natural fabrics are ideal. Change the comforter as often as needed. Babies tend to sleep longer when they feel cuddled. If the baby is put to sleep in a crib, you can create a “cozy feel” using blankets and pillows. Just make sure the baby is not in danger of suffocating. Keep toys away from the baby’s crib during bedtime. You can also swaddle the baby with a blanket. It can help the baby sleep better. Choose diapers that are absorbent. Babies tend to wake up in the middle of the night when they feel wet. Remember, these tips are not only for Mommies, but they also work very well with Daddies.
  4. FEED
    Then you can feed the baby. You can increase the baby’s meal during nighttime. This way, the baby would not be woken up by hunger several times at night. Send the baby to sleep full and an uninterrupted sleep can be ensured.
    It is best for the parent to be attentive to the nursery’s room temperature. Sometimes babies feel hot even if parents are feeling cold. You have to make sure what room temperature wakes the baby during the night. On colder days, a heater might be good, and on summertime, a fan or an air conditioner might be better.
    Parents wanted their babies to take naps as many times as possible. Allow them longer naps in the morning. But as much as possible babies should not be allowed extended afternoon naps or late afternoon naps. Babies tend to be active and renew energy after naps. It would not be good especially when it is near bedtime. Baby Sleep Problems? 20 Mistakes Parents Make to Ruin Their Baby’s Sleep… read more!
    Baby should learn to differentiate day from night. During bedtime, it is much better to turn off the lights and draw down the drapes. But some parents are not comfortable leaving their babies in the dark, or if they are sleeping with their babies, they want to see them from time to time. In this case, a night light might do. When it is time for the baby to wake up, you can pull the curtains up. That way, the baby will know that daytime is playtime, eating time, action time.
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