8 Easy Effective Ways for Busy Moms to Have a Healthier Lifestyle0

Being a new mom is never easy. In fact, it is a constant juggling act trying to cope with the many tasks of the day – coping with the baby, perhaps going back out to work and trying to get enough sleep at night so as to function properly. Whatever your personal circumstances, having a baby is a rollercoaster of an experience, emotions are heightened, and it is easy for self-doubts to creep in.

Parenting isn’t always instinctive, and many new parents have to second-guess what they are doing as there is no tried and tested blueprint. It requires logic, patience and a great deal of love but new moms must not forget the importance of looking after themselves too. A lack of sleep leads to fatigue and life becomes difficult, so thinking about exercise and diet and nutrition may seem impossible. Even lifting and carrying the baby can place strain on the back and shoulders and posture must be considered. If this sounds all-too-similar, the good news is that you are not alone, and we have the solution.

Consider these 8 great tips for making life healthier and more satisfying.

1. Create a Diet Chart

When tired and on the go, the prospect of spending hours in the kitchen preparing healthy meals may be the last thing on your list. Tiredness may lead to snacking or skipping meals. and this is no good for health. Creating a diet chart is an effective and quick way of measuring your food intake to be sure you are eating healthily. Consider it a self-monitoring tool and there may be some hard truths to face. It’s worth considering your personal needs. Do you want to lose weight or, just to improve nutrition? On a diet chart, you can record portion sizes and even monitor carbohydrates and proteins and it can be as comprehensive as you like.

2. Make a routine chart

When you have a young baby or other children around you, it may seem as if you are constantly on the merry-go-round of life but don’t worry. Make a routine chart and prioritize what is really needed during the day. The list may look alarmingly long but work your way through systematically and remember to build in some family time or, to find time to yourself so you can unwind.

3. Always spend time with your family.

It is wonderful to have a baby or small child around you, but you may find that family time becomes less and less. As a family unit, you must develop that bond and create a safe environment in which your family can grow. You must be super organized so to free up some time. Research indicates that children need to feel wanted so a family night or day out is a great way to nurture and build strong bonds. Make that day or evening a family ritual whether watching a film together or playing family games. Reading together is another great way to instill the love of reading to your children.

4. Have a nap a day.

Naps have been proven beneficial and 20-minutes of downtime may be very tempting. There are different types of naps so you must choose what works for you. A planned nap is when you decide to sleep even if you do not feel sleepy. It’s a good technique to learn when you know your sleep will be disturbed at night. There’s also emergency napping where you are so tired you must stop and rest. 30-minutes can refuel mind and body and put life back on track. Habitual napping is utilized at the same time each day, and this may be good if you have a new baby as they often fall asleep around the same time of the day. Coincide your naps and you can feel fully refreshed when you wake up. It is best to take only 20 or 30 minutes as this increases short-term alertness. If you sleep for longer, you make wake feeling groggy.

5. Exercise when you wake – meditate before sleep.

An early morning exercise plan helps increase your metabolic rate and to burn more calories. Exercise first and then, have your breakfast and this replenishes your body and speeds up the whole calorie improving process. If you exercise early, it will not interrupt your daily schedule and it improves physical and mental energy too. You may find sleep improves at night too.
Meditate at night as it helps to relax and to de-stress you. It also calms the mind and stops you overthinking. It’s important to be able to clear the mind completely, creating space between thoughts and to just relax the muscles. Meditation is not difficult to do, even 10-minutes of meditation at night will have tremendous benefits and sleep will improve.

6. Start mindful eating.

Are you guilty of eating on the run? You are not alone if so. However, this is not a healthy way to be. Instead, try to find the time to stop what you are doing and to eat slowly and mindfully. When you eat slowly, you’re less likely to get indigestion and it is easier for your body to digest your food. Mindful eating enables you to taste and enjoy the food you are eating too making mealtimes pleasurable.

7. Stay hydrated.

Water is your new best friend. If you do not drink enough, you will feel mentally and physically fatigued throughout the day. Sip small amounts regularly but if you suddenly realize you are thirsty, then this is a sign you are already dehydrated.

8. Reduce social media and TV time.

There’s nothing wrong in keeping in touch with the world, but it can take a lot of time away from you. It’s fine to post photos or to keep an eye on what the rest of the world is doing but it is far more important to embrace family time. We often rely too heavily on electronic gadgets and apps these days, give yourself a mental break and some freedom from them and go back to the basics.

So there you have 8 great ways to have a healthier lifestyle if you are a busy mom. Ultimately, it’s about planning and preparation and giving yourself some space in the day to boost coping skills and to reduce fatigue.

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