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The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM) recently launched the Practice Management Course to allow dentists to learn from professionals across the healthcare spectrum, including a clinical psychologist, a nurse, a healthcare attorney, and a panel of medical billing experts.

The Future of Dental Sleep Medicine: Building a DSM Practice of Collaboration, Motivating Patients to Treatment Acceptance and Marketplace Differentiation

Emerson Wickwire, PhD

Implement tools for greater collaboration with physicians and improved treatment acceptance. These tools will allow you to provide better patient care and distinguish your practice.

Improving Referrals from Physicians

Ken Mogell, DMD

Build referrals from physicians by effectively discussing sleep studies and communicating with physicians. This presentation will offer insights for both urban and rural dentists who may have different referral sources.

Panel Discussion: Implementing a DSM Practice Model

David Schwartz, DDS; Michael Hnat, DMD; Michelle Cantwell, DMD

There is not a one-model-fits-all way to practice dental sleep medicine. This panel will discuss the challenges and benefits of various practice models (incorporating dental sleep medicine into a general practice, providing full-time dental sleep medicine services and integrating dental sleep medicine services in a hospital setting). Time for questions from the audience will be allotted.

Empowering Teams: Internal Marketing for Building Your DSM Practice

Mark Murphy, DDS

Find ways to leverage your unique opportunity to screen and potentially treat hundreds of your existing patients. Hear inspiring conversations and get interactive patient exercises and take-home reminders that will improve the throughput of patients to diagnosis and ultimately treatment.

DSM Team Champion

Belinda Postol, RN

Discover how you can utilize clinical staff to educate, support, and engage referring physicians.

Documenting Patient Information: A Dentist’s Guide to Electronic Health Records

Jeff Rogers, DMD

Oral appliance therapy is a treatment for a medical disorder and requires precise and accurate documentation. During this presentation, Dr. Rogers will present his journey to navigate the various ways to manage patient health records and provide tips for your growing dental sleep medicine practice.

Panel Discussion: Understanding Medical Billing for DSM

Moderated by: Ken Mogell, DMD

Medical billing can be a complicated world for dentists providing oral appliance therapy. Get answers to common questions from a panel of billing experts such as: what is billed to medical insurance and what is billed to dental insurance, how is dental and medical insurance different, and what procedures can be billed to medical insurance?  Time for questions from the audience will be allotted.

Formulas for a Successful DSM Practice

Mark Murphy, DDS

Implement formulas and protocols that are proven to improve the patient experience, increase your practice fulfillment and maximize the success of your practice.

Workflow Systems and Team Utilization to Streamline Your DSM Practice

Paul Jacobs, DDS

Integrate systems to decrease inefficiencies and increase productivity, Dr. Jacobs’ will review the practice management systems he has implemented in his general practice, including forms, telephone FAQs and office scripts.

Navigating Private Insurance Networks

Scott Craig

Discuss the pros and cons of various insurance options, including in-network, out-of-network, and GAP exceptions.  Learn to examine practice systems to maximize billing efficiencies.

Marketing and Online Presence

Brianna McKinney

How many times have you heard: “Why do you care about my sleep? You’re a dentist.”? This power-packed session will help you build a strategy to attract a steady stream of new patients who are ready and willing to receive treatment.

The Next Step in DSM Excellence: Facility Accreditation

Paul Jacobs, DDS

Learn how AADSM Facility Accreditation can help you earn recognition and respect from referring physicians and protect your practice.


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