Best Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises to SLEEP BETTER0

Dr. Rowe goes over the best lower back pain relief exercises to sleep better QUICKLY!

If you’re in need of INSTANT lower back pain relief, especially in bed at night, you’re in luck! This video shows six exercises focused on getting rid of lower back tightness, stiffness, and pain FAST– even in as little as 30 SECONDS!

All of these low back exercises are dynamic movements that will target many muscle groups at once (that are associated with lower back pain), and will focus on taking pressure off of spinal discs to relieve symptoms such as a pinched nerve or sciatica.

As a bonus, these lower back stretches and exercises are safe, effective and designed to be easy enough to do in the middle of the night in bed.

Watch and find the best lower back pain relief exercises to sleep better NOW!

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0:42 Exercise 1
1:44 Exercise 2
3:12 Exercise 3
4:44 Exercise 4
6:11 Exercise 5
7:34 Exercise 6


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