Cadwell Integrates EnsoSleep Scoring Into Easy III PSG Software0

Cadwell Industries Inc is the first sleep diagnostic equipment provider to deeply integrate EnsoData’s EnsoSleep artificial intelligence (AI)-scoring solution by modifying Cadwell’s Easy III PSG software platform.

“We are very excited about the partnership between Cadwell and EnsoData and believe that AI will help us work toward unlocking clinical insights that have been hidden in sleep study data for decades,” says Cadwell CEO Patrick Jensen, in a release. “EnsoData allows us to expand the scope of how AI can enable our customers to focus on patient relationships and outcomes, rather than manual data analysis. Technologists and managers at sleep labs utilizing EnsoSleep with Easy III PSG and ApneaTrak HSAT can now spend more time on patient education, helping to improve compliance, increasing the capacity of their home sleep apnea testing programs, and reaching out to referring physicians.”

The new integration enables automatic AI scoring of Cadwell’s Easy III PSG and ApneaTrak home sleep testing data, delivery of scored data, and record status updates, all in a matter of minutes, with >90% agreement [overall percent agreement (%) with two-sided 95% bootstrap median percentile confidence interval (R=1000)].

Portland, Ore-based Cadwell customer Radhika S. Breaden, MD, says in a release, “EnsoSleep brings auto scoring to a level of quality and reliability needed for us to integrate with our Easy III sleep software, to deliver the benefits our customers need. It’s on the cutting edge for lab efficiency. We are really pleased with the scoring and efficiency, and it is allowing us to internalize 100% of our scoring and get our studies done more quickly while also reducing operating costs.”

Chris Fernandez, co-founder and CEO of EnsoData, says in a release, “EnsoData’s goal is to bring the power of AI to the sleep community, so sleep centers can expand access to care, improve outcomes, and be recognized for helping people manage one of the most important aspects of overall health and wellness.”

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