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More natural ways to sleep better0

Good sleep is so important for good mental and physical health. In this video, I speak to Tiziana Bertinotti about tips that she has learnt from chinese medicine to improve sleep patterns.

Sleep Better with Waves on a Dark Night – Spiaggia il Golfetto Beach – Super Relaxing Ocean Sounds0

Sleep better tonight on Spiaggia il Golfetto beach with relaxing waves, soothing background video for deep sleeping. Filmed on Sardinia island, Italy. Relaxing nature sounds for sleeping without music.

How to sleep better during the lockdown – 5 expert tips0

Many people have reported sleep disturbance during the lockdown caused by COVID-19, so Loughborough University sleep expert Professor Kevin Morgan has shared his five top tips for combating the issue.

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♡ I’m Molly Pelletier. I am 23, from Cape Cod, and I study Nutritional Science at Boston University. I release new science-based nutrition and health videos every Sunday 11a EST 🙂 like and subscribe for more health tips, meditations, and yoga classes.
In this video, I share my top tips for FALLING ASLEEP, STAYING ALSEEP, AND SLEEPING BETTER! i talk about my meditation routine, my sleep hygiene routine, as well as my journaling practice which helps me let go of the day and fall asleep.

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How to Sleep PAIN-FREE With Back Pain & Sciatica0

How to Sleep PAIN-FREE With Back Pain & Sciatica
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Episode 21 – Roman Numeral XXI – On Printable Program

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How To Be Better In Bed: The Quest For Better Sleep0

If you’re having sleep issues, you’re not alone! 💤 In this Mindvalley Talk, we’re joined by The Sleep Dr to smash through them so you can sleep well tonight! Discover a 5-Step Formula for the Best Sleep of Your Life in our free Masterclass 👉

Michael Breus is about to blow your mind with this informative Mindvalley Talk filled with sleep hacks! 🤯

You’ll be learning about:

⭐ Why the ‘8-Hour Rule’ is a myth
⭐ How to calculate the amount of sleep you need
⭐ What Sleep Chronotype Animal you are
⭐ Coffee and Alcohol – when to consume them to safeguard sleep optimization
⭐ Sleep deprivation and disorders and what to do about them
⭐ How to dodge jetlag

See you in the Masterclass for a deeper dive into how to sleep better! 😍💤

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How To Sleep Better | How to Fall Asleep and Sleep Fast0

If you’re looking for tips on how to sleep better look no further. Our favorite sleep doctor, Dr.Michael Breus is back today sharing his insights on getting a better night’s sleep. Subscribe and ring the bell for new videos!

Learn how to sleep better, tips to sleep better and get better sleep, how to get more sleep, how to get better sleep and sleep better at night. In this video, you’ll learn how to fall asleep and how to sleep fast, tips for better sleep as well as more sleep tips for healthy sleep to cure insomnia. Enjoy these ways to fall asleep.

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How to SLEEP BETTER With Sciatica Pain0

Dr. Rowe shows how to sleep better with sciatica pain with TWO easy and effective exercises that can be done in bed.

If you have sciatica pain at night and are trying to sleep, you know that it can be downright hellish trying to sleep for more than a moment or two at a time.

It really makes for a long night and a tired next day.

So let’s focus on getting as much pressure off the sciatic nerve with a gliding exercise that can be done right in bed, in the middle of the night if need be.

Two different options are shown, one lying down and one you can do flat on your back. They’re safe, effective and can give sciatica relief in as little as 30 SECONDS.

If you’re suffering from sciatic nerve pain and can’t sleep and need quick relief, this is a video you won’t want to miss.

Watch now and getting sleeping better QUICKLY.


Dr. Michael Rowe
St. Joseph MI chiropractor

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How to Sleep Fast and Increase Sleep Quality?0

How to sleep fast and increase sleep quality? 6 ways to fall asleep faster. How to sleep better?
Lack of sleep is one of the major problems of urban lifestyle. Unfortunately, lack of sleep brings along so many other problems. Gain in weight, body’s incapability to build muscle, stress, anxiety are some of them.
I can not stress enough how important it is to sleep well. Exercise, Nutrition and Rest are the three pillars of fitness.
So, if your body is devoid of rest, no matter what, you will not be able to build muscle of lose fat.

In this video, I have discussed in detail, the 6 ways by which you have fall asleep faster and have a better sound sleep. This is because when it comes to sleep, it is always about quality and not quantity.


01:45 – Maintain proper sleep timings
02:30 – Put away all electronic devices at least half an hour before going to sleep.
03:04 – Create an optimal environment to sleep better
03:41 – Eat right at night. What you eat for dinner can decide how well you will sleep at night.
04:40 – Exercise during the day. Some form of exercise during the day can help you sleep well at night. However, the timing of exercise should be considered.
04:59 – Techniques to sleep fast. There are some very powerful techniques that will help you will sleep in just 30 seconds.

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How To Sleep Better At Night | Home Remedies To Cure Insomnia (Sleeplessness)0

No more sleepless nights! HERE are the home remedies & tips to sleep better at night & cure insomnia(sleeplessness).

Does a good night’s sleep feel like a distant dream to you? Do you crawl into your bed on time and stare at the ceiling with eyes wide open and no sign of sleep at all?

Don’t worry. You are not alone. Every year, as many as 40% people suffer from insomnia(sleeplessness), the sleep disorder and find it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep through the night.

Basically, insomnia or sleeplessness has become quite common and affects the mood, energy levels and overall health of the individual. Insomnia is difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep throughout the night, even when you have the chance to do so. People experiencing insomnia are usually not content with the amount of sleep they get and experience one or more of the following symptoms:

• Fatigue and low levels of energy
• Distraction and difficulty in concentration
• Mood disturbances
• Decreased performance at work and school

The kind of lifestyle we live and frequent changes in work shift timings tends to disturb our sleep patterns and natural sleep cycle. A major part of working class people experiences insomnia at least once in their life. And not everyone suffers from the same type of insomnia. There are two types of insomnia based on duration and cause.

• Types of insomnia (Based on duration):
o Transient insomnia: lasts for a few days to weeks
o Acute insomnia: lasts up to several weeks
o Chronic insomnia: lasts longer, for months and years in some cases

• Types of insomnia (Based on the cause):
o Primary insomnia: Sleep problems not associated with health conditions
o Secondary insomnia: Sleep problems caused due to health conditions

And when it comes to symptoms of insomnia, there quite a few of them
• Symptoms of insomnia:
o Difficulty in falling asleep
o Frequent awakening in the night
o Fatigue, lethargy, and difficulty in concentrating on work during the day
o Increased accidents and irritability
As already mentioned, many reasons could trigger a sleepless night. However, there is some particular reason that might be causing you to suffer from insomnia. They are

• Physical health conditions like asthma, allergies, sinus, heart conditions could cause insomnia.
• Lifestyle and work-related factors like frequent changes in shift timings, emotional discomfort, work related stress, anxiety and media distractions can also trigger a sleepless night.

Not taking required precautions to cure the disorder could make situations worse. Primary and short-term insomnia can be treated with a few changes in the routine, and they can aid in sleeping better and improve the quality and quantity of sleep. Following a healthy sleep routine can contribute to a good night’s sleep. Having a close eye on what you eat and drink throughout the day could also help you figure out food habits contributing to insomnia.

How to sleep better at night: Here are few changes in your routine and lifestyle can help with insomnia(sleeplessness).

• Stick to a sleep schedule. Maintaining a proper schedule ensures you don’t interfere your sleep cycles.
• Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and heavy snacks before bed. Going to bed hungry or overstuffed could increase chances of a sleepless night
• Keep away from distractions like tv, mobile, pets, etc.
• Reduce your exposure to light to help the eyes and brain calm down and settle for a good sleep
• Avoid naps during the day and before bedtime
• Regular exercise help in sleeping better
• Hot water bath in the evening can help body relax and help you sleep better.
• Following a healthy routine helps you to sleep better at night.
• Healthy food ensures you get better sleep at night.

Natural Insomnia Treatment: And last but not the least, here are some natural sleep remedies super useful to help you have a good night’s sleep and wake up fully refreshed and energized.

Milk For Insomnia Treatment:
Yes, milk can help you sleep better. Milk contains a compound called tryptophan which is an amino acid. This compound helps in inducing sleep. So drink a glass of warm milk, mixed with a teaspoon of sugar every night for a month till you can regularize your sleep patterns.

Banana For Insomnia Treatment:
Researchers say banana and sleep are connected. Why, you ask? Well, because bananas are loaded with nutrients that optimize a good night’s sleep. Mineral deficiency can some time be the reason for your insomnia and bananas are packed with minerals like magnesium, vitamins and amino acids that help you sleep better. So next you face a difficulty in falling asleep, grab a banana and eat it. You can also eat a banana before bed every alternate day to set right your sleep cycle.