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If you’re a new dad and gained some sympathy weight during your wife’s pregnancy its time to shave that weight off while turning your baby into the athlete he or she should be.

It is extremely important to preface this article by saying that your baby should be able to support some of his own weight and do not rush into anything too quickly.

All of these exercises are great for tiring out your child so both of you can get a good nights sleep.

These three exercises are the perfect mixture to help you and your baby bond.

Baby Boxing Squat

This squat was initially designed for boxers to help them be quick on their feet. Show your baby how fast and in control you and your thighs are.

Start by holding your baby outward and then repeatedly squat as fast as you possibly can while keeping your baby in a comfortable position for 1 minute. This can be quite difficult on your shoulders too. When your baby sees you doing this he or she will also want to be just like dad.

We are happy to report that our baby is copying me and doing weightless squats every morning with me. He completed his first few with no assistance and he is only 10 months old. He doesn’t even realize the champion he will be.

Make sure to do this exercise over a bed for the first few times to limit injury to your baby. Do yourself a favor and don’t give a reason to your wife to be mad at you.

The Climb

When you think of your baby climbing things you may automatically have a negative reaction. It is hardwired into their DNA to climb things. Make sure to give them a safe area to be able to unleash their inner animal.

You can clearly see that this baby can climb great heights before he can even speak. Show them the ropes and give them the opportunity. Something I like to do is to hold a push up position and see if I can get my baby to climb all over me while I’m struggling. It’s easiest to start this one with a second person who will place your baby on top of you.

If you want to take it to the next level make sure to drill some rock holds into your wall and have them lead over your platform bed to make it so they have to climb to get there. stick a foam mattress pad under the beginning in case he or she falls too. Make sure to show them that falling can be funny too.


As your child gets older you may find it to be easy to get him or her to play leapfrog with you. This is obviously going to be a lot easier for you than it is for them. This is one of the most successful exercises to deplete your child’s energy levels.

As everyone knows it is essential to pull out a stopwatch and time how many they can do in a minute over you. The amount of climbing he or she will have to do can leave them panting and sweating.


There you have it. When it comes to exercising with your baby is the ultimate bonding experience. Working through goals together is exactly what will set him up to tackle goals like a champion later on in life.

Set a winner’s pace early to make sure your child will reach their maximum potential.

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