Helping Babies And Young Children Settle Into A New Home0

Every year 40 million Americans move home, which is a long process that is known to be very stressful for the whole family, including babies and young children. Keeping young children informed about why you’re moving and about the process can help to make it an easier transition for them, and therefore you. For babies, it’s important to keep them in their routines, which can mean taking extra time and thoroughly organizing your family’s move.

Explain why you’re moving

There’s always a reason why you’re moving home, and for parents with young children, it’s often because you’ve outgrown your old nest. Moving can mean your children get their own room or a bigger space, which most kids will be thrilled about. Alternatively, your move could mean more land around your property that you plan to use as they get older to extend your property to give them more space. Refinancing your homeowner’s loan makes this an affordable option, so explain to them that this is the plan so that they know that moving is a good thing for them and the whole family.

Keep the same routine with familiar items

Kids thrive when they have a routine. Moving is a big deal and can result in a lot of uncertainty, especially for babies and young children. This uncertainty can make them act out, often due to anxiety, which makes parents anxious and stressed too. Keeping familiar routines around things like meals, naps, and bedtime can help babies and children to adjust to moving home. This probably means that you need to take extra time to pack so that you have time to keep regular routines in place. This can help to make the process easier to manage as you’ll be more organized, which should help to reduce stress levels. Make sure anything you need to keep routines in place are easily accessible during moving, such as knowing where your child’s favorite toys, books, blankets, and even their plates and cutlery are as this will help to keep things familiar and reduce anxiety.

Use books, stories, and TV programs

For children that are old enough to have stories read to them and understand stories on TV programs, it’s a good idea to find ones that show the moving process. Characters that are familiar to them will help them to feel comfortable with the idea and give them an idea of what to expect. Go through these stories with your child and answer any questions they have as you go. If you can’t find any stories, make up your own, but be sure to include every aspect of the moving process, such as packing, transporting everything, and unpacking at the other end. Make sure that they understand that it can take some time to pack and unpack so they may have a bare room for a few days either side of moving.

Children aren’t always very good at understanding or expressing their emotions clearly and they may start to act out or become quieter during the moving process. Recognize these signs so that you can act on them and know that the calmer you are, the calmer your child will be.

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