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Physicist and Sleep Scientist Tara Youngblood teaches us how to optimize our waking hours by creating a sleep recipe we all need to recover and restore overnight. Tara Youngblood is Co-Founder of Kryo, Inc and Co-Inventor of the ChiliPad Sleep System, a sleep product cooling your personalized temperature for peak sleep performance.
Since launching the ChiliPad in 2007, Tara has devoted over 10,000 hours studying the science of sleep. Applying her analytical skills from her physics and engineering background, her passions now focus on shaping the future of sleep-driven health by making sleep easy, approachable, and drug-free.

Tara is a visionary leader in the future of sleep driven health, combining multiple disciplines, including Alternative Medicine, Physics, and Sleep Diagnostics. Her research has led to over a dozen patents. She works with leading international researchers to further studies on cold therapy and its impact on sleep. Tara authored a leading white paper, connecting over 70 research papers to the effects of temperature and sleep quality. Tara is constantly seeking new opportunities to improve the quality of life for those most affected by sleep disorders.

Tara stays busy with her animals and her boys, so there is a lot of laundry and cooking. She also likes to travel, paint, and garden in her spare time. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

"Learn How To Improve Your Sleeping Patterns and Get Deeper Into Sleep"
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