How Sleep Affects the Brain at Every Age – Warning Signs to Look For0

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Register now to watch my interview titled “How Sleep Affects the Brain at Every Age – Warning Signs to Look For” on the The Functional Oral and Airway Health Summit, August 19-25, 2019. There will be 28 experts over a course of 7 days. 

Who is this Summit For?  

It’s for YOU, if…

  • You worry that maybe you “don’t know what you don’t know” about your health
  • You worry that you snore – or wonder if you do.  
  • You worry about proper nutrition and eating for a healthy mouth – and body. 
  • You have kids with crooked teeth and wonder are braces the answer?  
  • You worry that you are always tired. Is it your sleep or a breathing issue?  
  • You’ve had heart problems and want to minimize your risk in the future.  
  • You’re worried about Alzheimer’s  
  • You’re worried about the cost of dental (and medical) care and the changes in insurance
  • You want to learn from experts who treat patients every day 
  • You want to learn from experts who teach in dental and medical schools
  • You’ve heard that ADHD is the result of a sleep breathing disorder 
  • You want all this information in easy-to-understand terms  

You will learn from 22 New + 6 past favorite expert speakers more about:

  • How sleep affects the brain through all ages and what warning signs to look for 
  • Why cancer patients should see a dentist before treatment to lessen side effects
  • How humming can reduce insomnia, depression, anger and much more
  •  Why your mouth may be giving you Alzheimer’s
  • The facts about oral cancer, what you can do and what your dentist should do 
  • Tips for dental office visit safety from an OSHA expert
  • What dentists and patients can do to combat antibiotic resistance
  • How to fix your gut microbiome, starting with your mouth 
  • Watch the documentary film Say Ahh- The Cavity in Health Care Reform 
  • And much more!  

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