How To Be Better In Bed: The Quest For Better Sleep0

If you’re having sleep issues, you’re not alone! 💤 In this Mindvalley Talk, we’re joined by The Sleep Dr to smash through them so you can sleep well tonight! Discover a 5-Step Formula for the Best Sleep of Your Life in our free Masterclass 👉

Michael Breus is about to blow your mind with this informative Mindvalley Talk filled with sleep hacks! 🤯

You’ll be learning about:

⭐ Why the ‘8-Hour Rule’ is a myth
⭐ How to calculate the amount of sleep you need
⭐ What Sleep Chronotype Animal you are
⭐ Coffee and Alcohol – when to consume them to safeguard sleep optimization
⭐ Sleep deprivation and disorders and what to do about them
⭐ How to dodge jetlag

See you in the Masterclass for a deeper dive into how to sleep better! 😍💤

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