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You want to help the baby settle into a new home, but you also want to develop creativity in your child. According to an IBM survey of 1,500 CEOs, creativity is now considered the most valuable trait for managers. Being able to recall facts is a valuable skill, but creativity is the personality trait, which matters most when trying to solve problems.

Reduce Interaction with Electronic Screens

Are you wondering if too much screen time is harmful to your children? Parents also question the effect of screen time on children’s physical wellbeing. Or are you wondering about the impact of screen time on toddlers’ attention spans? There is no doubt that the babies, toddlers, and children of today are getting more screen time in comparison to their counterparts ten or even twenty years ago.

Having an electronic screen in your baby’s nursery impairs your child’s creativity. Passively watching a screen for long periods reduces your child’s interest to solve problems and investigate matters for themselves proactively. Consider replacing electronic panels in your child’s nursery with activity tables. Try to have a variety of different activity tables available for your child in the kindergarten. These activities will help keep your child’s creative juices flowing by performing the actions in the activity table.

The reduction in screen time may not have a direct influence on raising your child’s creativity. However, it will help to curtail the physical and mental damage which is caused in both children and adults because of watching too much TV.

Choosing Between Artificial or Natural Furnishing

There is no denying the fact that the environment affects child development and the child’s creativity. The surroundings also affect the performance of adults. External factors such as lighting, color variation, and even the texture of the furniture all affect a child’s creative hormones.

One of the best ways to baby-proof your home without compromising on looks is to use natural products. The excessive use of manufactured products such as plastic can hurt the child’s thinking process. It does not matter if you are using plastic teethers or plastic furniture. Plastic is a threat to human health and the environment.

Keeping children interlinked with nature automatically develops creativity. Consider replacing plastic or aluminum furniture with wooden furniture. Plastic or aluminum furniture causes a rise in blood pressure. Wood furniture has a soothing and calming effect on the mind without increasing stress levels.

Choosing Animated Color Combinations

A newborn baby’s eyesight is only from eight to 15 inches. Even with such limited vision, newborn babies cannot distinguish different colors at birth. Babies will begin to perceive differences in color from the fourth to the sixth month of their life. Changing the brightness, saturation, and purity of a color changes the effect it has on the mind.

Different cultures have unique perceptions of colors. Humans tend to remember colors more often than they remember objects. With memory, we tend to associate colors with events in our life. Color might have a positive inclination for one person. The same color might have a negative disposition for another person.

Since the visual field of babies is so short, they can only focus on objects that are very close. One of the best ways to facilitate their concentration is to use a combination of black and white. As babies get older, and their field of vision increases, you can add color to their premises.

Designing the Play Area

Creative children play with several different materials. At this stage in life, it is normal not to have a timetable. To encourage creativity, let children play at any time they choose. Newborns are developing ideas all the time. A toy might seem like a typical prop to an adult. That same toy can be perceived as quite different to children using their imagination.

It is essential not to try to manage or direct the children when they are playing. Let their imagination run wild. “Creativity is a limitless, restless creature. At times, it is continuously flowing like lava from a volcano and other times completely rock-solid, with no movement,” says Alison Finley from Australian Master. Let the child experiment with different materials and substances.

Some mothers attend to their child as soon as their baby cries. Others take some time to finish what they are doing to come around to tend their baby. It is essential that you attend to the baby as soon as he or she begins crying. Let your physical and emotional presence be felt by the baby, as the baby starts to cry.

Incorporating Hygienic Standards

There are going to be some habits you have to quit after having a baby. Similarly, there are some changes which you have to make after having a newborn. Hygiene is crucial in the new child’s life. Children can get dirty after playtime and even after meals. To protect your child from disease and other illnesses, it is imperative that you maintain sanitary standards.

One of the optimal ways to maintain cleanliness is to install a baby bath seat in the bathroom. After playing with different items, the child can easily be cleaned. To ensure a satisfying night’s sleep, you can replicate the black sky with stars on the ceiling. The baby falls asleep faster, concentrating on the stars in the sky.

To promote creativity, allow the baby to play with a variety of different materials with different textures and consistency. The main motive for maintaining hygienic standards is to protect the baby from illnesses, diseases, and contamination once they are done playing.

Understanding Creativity

Problem-solving skills employ two different techniques to find a solution to a puzzle. The first skill is convergent thinking, which uses stockpiled data and basic reasoning to reach one correct answer. An example of convergent thinking is, understanding that seven times six is always 42. Convergent thinking is the skill, which is tested in most standardized tests.

Divergent thinking employs facts and experiences to generate several possible solutions to a single problem. Using divergent thinking, one person might have a unique solution to a problem, and another person might have a completely different answer to the same question. Both can be right.

A question you can ask to gauge divergent thinking is how many different ways can you think of for using a paper clip? Government intelligence experts combine both of these skills to find solutions to problems. The best part is that they do this using very little time.

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