How to decorate your baby’s room on a budget0

A crib, armchair and a fluffy elephant toy in a nursery
Is everything ready for the baby to arrive?

As your baby’s due date is approaching, the preparations for the big day are getting more and more hectic. The list of necessary baby gear seems endless. And price tags unbelievable. On top of everything else, you are supposed to decorate a nursery. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that your little one will soon become a proud owner of his own place in the sun. This truly is one of the most exciting jobs in the world.

But what can you do with limited means? Good news is – you can do an amazing job! With a few tips you can learn how to decorate your baby’s room on a budget and make it as beautiful as the ones you see advertised in glossy magazines. Make a plan and pull up your sleeves. Babies cannot wait!

Crib beddings are overestimated

An ordinary white crib with grey and white sheets
Go with a firm thin mattress and plain sheets instead of elaborate bedding sets

The range of adorable crib bedding sets for boys and girls is immense. Teddy bears, ponies, flowery sets – you name it. You fall in love as soon you see them in baby shops or magazines. Immediately you get the picture of your baby sleeping soundly tucked in the beautiful bedding materials that fill in the entire crib.

However, you really don’t need to buy them. Moreover, it’s dangerous to fill in the baby crib with bumper pads, as they pose a risk of suffocation. Too many items of bedding are completely unnecessary. Instead, go with a firm thin mattress and several sets of ordinary sheets. You’ll save money and create a healthier sleeping environment for your child.

A changing table will last for several months only

As cozy as it may seem at the beginning, a changing table is an unnecessary short-term investment. It will only serve its purpose until your baby starts rolling around. And that will happen before you know it! As soon as your little one reaches the stage when he/she can turn and roll, the changing table will become useless. If you turn away for a second, your baby could easily roll off the table and fall down.

Avoid pricey storage units

You’ll need more than one storage unit to pack up the baby gear. Nappies, toys, cosmetics – all of these need to be properly stored so that you can make room for sleep and play. However, a unit where you can store your kid’s belongings doesn’t have to be pricey to look nice and serve its purpose. There are so many low-cost bins, boxes and organizers you can use. Look for bargains and don’t settle for the first beautiful organizer you lay your eyes on. Light plastic containers can make your room clean and tidy and dress it up with colors just as well as expensive designer units.

Borrow from friends and family

A group of people with toddlers and babies sitting somewhere outdoors.
Don’t hesitate to borrow the overgrown furniture from your friends and family

You can surely find someone in your family who has baby gear they don’t need any more. The prices of nursery furniture are extortionate. Why not save your money and time by asking your friends and family to give away their overgrown items? If your friends’ kids have overgrown their baby sets, they will be more than happy to give them away and make room for new pieces of furniture.

In addition, a good thing about borrowing from your friends is the fact that they have tried out the furniture themselves and you know it’s good. A cozy crib is the first step to helping your child’s sleep in the difficult period that is ahead of you. When the baby arrives, a good night’s sleep will become the most precious occurrence in your life.

Don’t trust everything you see advertised

A lamp and an open book on a table.
An ordinary lamp can serve as a breastfeeding night light

If you’re expecting your first child, you are probably convinced that you’ll fail to buy everything you need before the big day. In this kind of confusion, you actually end up buying a bunch of things you don’t really need. Baby shops even offer a list of items that are considered must-haves upon delivery, so that you wouldn’t forget anything important. As useful as it may be, you shouldn’t take this list for granted. A breastfeeding night light? An ordinary lamp with dim light will do just fine.

Dress up the nursery with decals

Instead of painting the entire walls from floor to ceiling, you can decorate your baby’s room on a budget by applying simple decals. There are so many adorable nursery wall decals you can apply in a few seconds only. They will save your money, time, and energy and the room will nevertheless look wonderful and baby-friendly. Good news is – you can peel them off any time.

However, it’s a good idea to add a fresh coat of paint if you have recently moved in. This way you’re creating a healthier environment for your child. Invite your friends to help you out. Among all the assistance you might need when moving, there will be someone who knows how to handle a paint brush. You don’t need to pay for everything.

Reinvent the furniture you already have

Not all items of furniture need to be specially designed for a nursery. Take a better look at the furniture you already have in your home. Is there a cozy armchair that lies around without much use? Redesign the chair and it will become perfect for breastfeeding. Be resourceful with ordinary stuff that make up your household.

But keep it simple. It’s best for a nursery to be equipped with must-have items only. Instead of cluttering the room, opt for a few necessary pieces. This will help you decorate your baby’s room on a budget and create space that will allow your child to breathe and move. Soon enough they will move freely. You’d better prepare in time!

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