How to Get Your Baby to Sleep: Developing a Sleep Routine0

If you’re one of our frequent subscribers (which makes you awesome by the way) you may recall an article I published a few months ago titled 7 Tips and Tricks for Getting Kids to Sleep at Night. And don’t worry, if you’re not a subscriber, I’ll get you up to speed real quick (or you can check the article out for yourself *wink*).

The research that went into that article wasn’t simply to help all of you parents out there. The truth is, my wife and I were going through our own mini crisis with getting our baby on a consistent sleep schedule. While that article may have helped you some with your own kids, the tips and tricks in there pretty much saved my sanity. You see, my daughter––we’ll call her Taylor (because that’s her real name) has been, since birth, what can only be described as a “delightful nightmare.”

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