How To Sleep Better – An Insomniacs guide0

In this video, on popular demand, I’m giving a comprehensive guide on sleep optimization. As someone who has been dealing with different sleep issues for the better part of my life, I know how it is not getting good quality sleep on a regular basis.

I’ve tried many different strategies to help with this, and in this video I’ll share some of the more and less known tools that you can have in your toolbelt for this purpose!

0:25 – How the industry communicates about sleep (my problem)
3:25 – Why some people sleep better than others (genetics)
8:00 – Strategies to sleep better: general overview
9:45 – Bright light exposure
12:36 – Caffeine intake
14:09 – Stress management
15:30 – Exercise/physical activity
16:12 – Consistent schedule/Circadian rhythm optimization
22:21 – Psychology management for sleep
26:45 – What to do when you wake up during the night and cant fall asleep again
27:50 – Setting up your bedroom (light, noises, etc)
29:19 – ASMR tracks
30:43 – Sleep time-buffer
32:30 – Pre-bed food
33:20 – Supplements

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