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Grounding to the Earth is not difficult! Learn how to ground your bed for sleeping. Listen to these sleeping tips! When you ground while sleeping you will sleep better because you are not exposed to all the static dirty electricity at night. This is just common sense ya’ll. Grounding to the earth is relatively unknown unless you’re a health fanatic like myself! Grounding your bed requires copper wire or conductive material. This video contains tips for sleeping better. Go to Buy the SILVERELL® FABRIC. It’s supposed to retain it’s conductivity even after washing. Read the book Earthing. How to ground your bed is a very good question! You can also buy products from for grounding to the earth. Grounding your bed helps you feel better too! Grounding earthing is really important to reduce inflammation in our bodies. Just lay the fabric out on the bed and make sure you are touching it. Connect a grounding cord to the fabric and plug it in. If you want to check to make sure you’re grounded you have to buy an auto ranging multimeter – also available at less emf. Earthing grounding is easy if you know how to use a multimeter to connect to your body! Sleeping grounded will help your nervous system function better for obvious reasons! Earthing grounding is so cool and healthy! Grounding sleep habits require you to learn about earthing properly! WATCH this excellent video and you’ll get healthier fast! First you learn how to ground yourself… then you learn how to ground your bed and how to sleep grounded! Some people are nervous all the time but they simply don’t know about grounding yourself to the earth. Sleep grounded for healthy thinking during the day and deep sleep at night! If you learn how to earth your bed you’ll be able to make more money at work and have better relations with people too. That’s what I think anyway! I learned how to ground yourself a long time ago! I made an earthing bed clear back in the old days! Earth grounding is nothing new to me baby. It’s old hat. The sleeping tips shown in this video are SO helpful when you have dirty electricity. Grounding yourself to the earth is key for getting a good night’s rest! —————————–

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