How to Sleep Better for Productivity, Performance and Gains0

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Sleep is the key ingredient for improving your focus, memory, creativity, reflexes, mood, muscle growth, weight loss and more. If you’re looking to improve your performance, this should be your priority.

There are tons of ‘sleep hacks’ out there and supplements that claim to improve your sleep. I’ve tried pretty much all of them but what has worked best for me is to keep it simple. The following tips will enhance your sleep:

* Make sure you get your 8 hours
* Take a hot bath or shower just before bed
* Have 15-30 minutes of downtime before you fall asleep
* Sleep in a somewhat cool environment
* Exercise during the day

I don’t mention it in the video – but of course maintaining a dark and quiet environment is also important.

The one trick I do find very useful though is to use a daylight lamp. This is an alarm that wakes you with gradually increasing light, like a sunrise. It’s a much more pleasant way to wake up and helps you start the day with better energy.

I also discuss using CBT to help you fall asleep and stop tossing and turning, as well as power naps and potential causes of morning grogginess. Enjoy!

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