How to Sleep Better? | Spirit Seeking with Pratick | Sound Health Solution0

How to Sleep Better? | Spirit Seeking with Pratick | Sound Health Solution
Many people find it difficult to sleep. Sleep is supposed to be one of the most natural phenomena. Humans have shortened the duration of nighttime. When electricity wasn’t there, people used to light candles. Whenever night fell, they would be mentally prepared to go to sleep. These days, as night falls, we have more sources of light. We have the internet connection, clubs and parties. These days, people find it easier to work at night as they have to socialize during the day. This, has created a problem of insomnia. Once you create this as a habit, your body clock adapts to your circadian rhythm and you won’t be able to sleep properly at that time. When we sleep, the energy of vitality and the energy of consciousness are active. All the mental activity stops when we sleep. Our spirit is connected to the universal source of energy. When you sleep on your sides, the energy of vitality and energy of consciousness form a sheath, a shield, around your body which protects you from negative energy. When you sleep facing upwards or facing the roof, you are relatively more vulnerable to negative energy. The same is the case for sleeping on your stomach. When you dwell into spirituality, and once you are able to form your shield yourself, there is no danger of sleeping facing upwards or sleeping on your stomach.

Do not sleep with your head facing the North side as it interferes with the magnetic field of your body and the earth and you are vulnerable to negative vibrations. Head facing east is the best direction to sleep. You will get a healing sleep and a rejuvenating sleep. You can also have incense in your room. You can also talk to yourself or use lavender lotion on your body. Try going somewhere cold for a short while before sleeping because that helps you fall asleep better.

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