How to Sleep Cool0

Sometimes it seems like there really is no beating the heat, even at night. But you don’t have to spend every night sweating instead of sleeping. Here are some of the best tips to follow when you want to sleep cool.

Freeze it

While it’s not a permanent solution, simply sticking your folded sheets in a bag and putting them in the freezer can help you sleep cooler. You can also try this sleep hack with your pajamas. Enveloping yourself in cool materials helps you fall asleep at the perfect temperature.

Get cold feet

Since there are multiple nerve endings in feet, dipping your feet in cool water before bed helps you sleep cooler. You can also keep a small bowl of ice near your bed to rub on your temples and feet if you wake up hot in the middle of the night.

Buy cool products

Make sure your sleep products offer breathability. Your mattress, pillow, pjs, and bed sheets all need to provide proper air circulation. Cotton sheets and pjs stop the sweat since cotton is a highly breathable fabric. When it comes to your mattress, opt for breathable materials as well. Consider a hybrid mattress which offers excellent circulation due to the combination of foam and springs so you won’t sleep hot.

Change sleeping position

Spread out as much as possible while you’re sleeping. Think like a starfish, be the starfish. Falling asleep in this position allows for air to circulate around your body. Sleeping sprawled out is the sleeping position most effective in reducing body heat.

Monitor diet

Eating small meals often throughout the day helps to reduce the heat caused by your metabolism. Keep in mind portion size as well as the type of food you’re eating. Don’t eat spicy foods at least three hours before bed in order to avoid sweating at night.

Shower before bed

If you don’t want to sleep hot, take a cool shower before bed. When you step out of the shower into the even cooler air, your body temperature naturally drops, making it easier to fall asleep.

Sleep alone

Much like Drake, many people hate sleeping alone. However, sleeping in a separate bed from your partner can actually lead to better sleep for both of you. This way, you don’t have to endure extra body heat, and you can both sleep cooler.


Turn off the tech.  Devices like phones and computers radiate heat, making it harder to fall asleep. Even electrical sockets give off heat, so unplug all unnecessary chargers and cords before climbing into bed.

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