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For parents who have just welcomed their first baby, things can become pretty overwhelming for them. In most cases, when a baby is crying in sleep, the parents will start to wonder if there is something wrong. However, in most cases when a baby is suddenly crying in sleep it is merely a phase rather than a serious problem.

For most parents, their baby’s sleep time is one of the main concerns. Sleep problems are very common in babies and it affects the baby’s sleep routine as well. You will likely notice your newborn crying, grunting or even screaming during their sleep. This is because your baby’s body is not used to a sleep pattern.

In this blog, we have noted a few tips that will help you to soothe your baby whenever they feel fussy or uncomfortable.

  1. Make them feel cozy

    Swaddling your baby in a receiving blanket will help in making them feel cozy and secure. Some experts say that this can be swaddling up creating a womb-like environment for the baby. Swaddling will help your baby to settle down faster and have a sound sleep. Some babies also prefer their arms to be left out when they swaddle. Make sure to place the blanket at the top edge of the armpit rather than up near the chin.

  2. Walk around with your baby

    Lifting your baby gently and walking around with them is a great way to soothe them. You could also use a pram to carry the baby around. But having your baby close to your body is the best way to make them feel comfortable and warm. Until your baby is three months old, you need to give them a little extra attention and support. Your baby will enjoy being carried around like this.

  3. Try a rocking chair

    When your baby is fussing put her in a baby swing or vibrating bouncy seat. There are also various automatic cradles available which allow you to remain freehanded while your baby is rocking in the cradle. Make sure to follow the manual instructions given along with the rocking chair. However, one thing you need to assure is that your baby does not get used to the automatic cradle as this will disturb the baby’s sleep routine. She should not become dependent on the motion of the rocking chair to fall asleep.

  4. Sing a song

    Your baby will need some cooing if they get too uncomfortable. The song of their mother makes them feel your presence and gives them a sense of relief. The next time she gets cranky, sing her a lullaby and see the magic happen. You don’t have to be in proper tune just sing whatever comes to your mind and your baby will be comforted by the sound of your voice.

  5. Give a massage

    Massaging your little one is a great way to calm them down. You can use special oils or lotions that have a pleasant smell. However, no oil or lotion is mandatory, you can even use gentle touches to stroke your child. Just make sure that these touches are not ticklish. Start by gently rolling her arms and legs between your hands and work in small circles around the belly button. You can also massage the soles of her feet or uncurl her toes.

Sometimes motion is all your baby needs to calm down. Try taking them out in fresh air. The new environment, fresh air, and temperature are likely to change your baby’s mood. If the weather is not very favorable, try taking your baby out on a drive. Babies tend to cry even when they are bored. To keep your little one entertained, try narrating some stories or help them play with some toys.

You have to keep calm while your baby is being cranky or fussy. Just know that everything around her is new and unfamiliar to her. She is likely to take more time to get used to the surroundings and get accustomed to baby sleep routine.

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