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What an exciting week it has been! 
I was in NYC and was fortunate enough to be on The Today Show again. We shot two segments and aired one; it was all about what to do when your bed partner could be disrupting your sleep. 
We also filmed another segment called Summer Sleep Survival Guide that will air July 1st. It was a very fun segment! We had the anchors compare their bedtimes to their spouse’s bedtimes, temperature wars and what to do about snoring!

I also attended a special gathering with Mindvalley’s Founder Vishen Lakhiani, at the home of my dear friend Jim Kwik (you may know Jim as the world’s expert in memory and the founder of Kwik Learning).
Since the party was in NYC, I was on a plane again this week, and got some reading in, and I think you’ll find some of it very interesting.
First of all, I noticed a GREAT article in the New York Times, all about why getting up at 4:00am  might not be such a good idea! Someone finally started looking at all the evidence that shows getting up too early and missing out on sleep is never a good idea. The article also discussed what would happen if you got up at 4:00am after having gone to bed at 8:00pm. Fundamentally, you may experience similar issues because the majority of you would still be out of sync with your bio-rhythm; most people just aren’t wired to get up that early.
Thankfully the issue of chronotypes was addressed, though informally. The author did a nice job of pointing out all the issues a person can have when they wake up out of sync with their chronotype:
“The reason is that our circadian rhythm tells our brain when to produce melatonin, our sleep hormone, so if you try to wake while your brain is still producing melatonin, you could feel excessive daytime sleepiness, low energy, decline in mood and cognitive impact,” said Lisa Medalie, a behavioral sleep medicine specialist at the University of Chicago Sleep Disorders Center.
Next, I saw a really well put together video on Narcolepsy on a site called seeker. They did a nice job of summing things up and the video was a lot of fun to watch. 
Finally, I saw an article in the Wall Street Journal, titled Women Work More and Sleep Less! The annual results from the American Time Use Survey put out by the Labor Department:
Employed women worked about 7 hours and 20 min a day. 
Employed men worked 7 hours and 45 min a day.
Employed women spend 3.75 hours per day relaxing or exercising. 
Employed men spend about 4.5 hours a day relaxing or exercising.
Women, however, appear to have more time with children (2 hours on average), men 1.5 hours and about 30 min more on household chores than men. 
Employed women reported sleeping about 8.5 hours (which is down from last year’s number), while men report closer to 8 hours a night.

So, what does all this seem to mean?
While women seem to work slightly less at work, than men, they have significantly more household chores, kid duties and less time for relaxing, exercise and friendships. Women seem to be being asked to do the impossible, to be fully committed at BOTH work and home. Something has got to give.

Sweet Dreams,
Dr. Michael Breus

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