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When you have a baby or toddler, getting enough sleep can seem impossible. But sleep is essential for every member of your family, including yourself. You need sleep to keep your energy levels up and your brain functioning, and your kids need sleep to be their best as well. So if your family is having a hard time getting enough sleep, here are a few tricks to improve your bedtime habits.

Keep Everyone on a Consistent Schedule

If you are a parent, you already know the importance of keeping your kids on a daily schedule. When it comes to sleep, sticking to a consistent schedule is also a good idea, so figure out the best schedule for your children to help them get the sleep they need to thrive. Creating an optimal schedule can depend on a variety of factors, including age. If you have children who share a sleeping space, but are on different schedules, you can still get everyone to bed on time every evening. Make sure you put your littlest ones down first and then spend some quality time with older toddlers and children. For nap times, think about putting children in different rooms to help avoid disturbances. You may also need to overhaul your evening routines to get everyone on track, especially if you have a new baby or school schedule to adjust to. A warm bath can help toddlers fall asleep faster, so try to set aside time for some relaxing bedtime practices.

Set Up a Better Bedroom for You and Your Children

Getting a baby to sleep through the night can take time and practice. But you can get them off to a better start by adding some relaxing features to your nursery. Babies and children can be sensitive to light, so try using blackout curtains to keep the room dark during nap times and even at night. You may also want to add a noise machine to your nursery, to help soothe fussy babies and children. White noise machines can seriously be a lifesaver when you are trying to get your baby to sleep, and find time to get some quality rest of your own. Look online for reviews for the best machines for baby’s room. You can find several models with timers that are perfect for setting a sleep schedule for your little one, or even travel-friendly options that can help reduce stress in the car. While setting up a sleepy nursery should be your first priority, you should also take steps to improve your own bedroom, as well. You need sleep to take care of your children, so make sure you have cozy sheets and bedding to fall into at night. Comfy sheets can make it easier to fall asleep faster, and make the most of those moments you have on your own. You can easily find a set that is well in your price range.

Watch What You Eat and Do During the Day

Your bedroom and bedtime routines can affect your family’s sleep, but so can your habits throughout the day. For new parents, exercise can be hard to schedule into a busy day, but studies show that regular exercise, especially in the morning, can help you sleep better at night. Getting your older kids active can help them sleep better as well, so make some time for a morning family walk or hit the playground for a workout with your kids. Food can also be a major sleep factor. That afternoon cup of coffee can help you stay alert, but it may also be interfering with your sleep, even hours later. So try to steer clear of caffeine in the afternoon hours and watch out for other sneaky foods as well, like certain cheeses and alcohol.

Getting your family into healthier sleep routines can take some time, but getting more sleep is well worth the effort. Sleep is so important for your family’s health, so don’t let anyone skip out on it, especially you! Stick to a consistent schedule, set up some relaxing spaces and do whatever you need to get the rest you deserve.

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