“My Child Can’t Sleep During Quarantine”: What you can do0

Is your child struggling with sleep during the Covid-19 lockdown? You are not alone. Many parents have told me that their child can’t sleep during quarantine. I reached out and heard from hundreds of parents about their struggles. I found a few types of problems. Here, I review them and also talk about what you can do about them

The most common problems:
1. Children shifting sleep schedules later
2. Conflict at bedtime and nap time
3. Middle of the night awakenings

I wrote an article in the New York Times called Bedtime Was Hard Enough. Then Came Quarantine.

In summary: here’s what you can do:
* Manage screen and light exposure
* Respect your routines
* Limit discussion of upsetting topics around your child
* Have the evenings be relaxed
* Outdoor exercise!!!
* Give yourself a break
* And puppies. Always puppies

These articles are always shorter than I would like, so I also created a detailed Youtube video as well:





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