Rain & Fog in the Forest | Relaxing Sleep Sounds for Stress Relief, Insomnia Symptoms & Anxiety0

Rain sounds and fog in the forest. Relaxing sleep sounds for stress relief, insomnia symptoms, anxiety attacks or soothing a baby (24/7). Listen to the gentle rainfall through the leaves and foggy mist as you drift off to sleep at night. Nature sounds create natural white noise which can help calm your mind and body. White noise drowns out distracting background noises so that you can sleep better at night. It contains a mixture of different frequencies that when combined helps your brain to relax. Your brain is programmed to identify patterns. As white sounds do not have any distinct patterns your mind gives up and relaxes, assuming that the environment is safe to sleep. We hope you enjoy these soothing raining sounds in the foggy forest. These sleep sounds are great for stress relief, insomnia, anxiety attacks, study or even soothing a baby!

Stardust Vibes – Relaxing Sounds 😊

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