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Canapari on Sleep Junkies Podcast

I had a great time talking to Jeff Mann on the Sleep Junkies podcast. If you’ve never listened, Jeff started Sleep Junkies out of a passionate interest in sleep which began when he was struggling with his own child’s sleep difficulties. We had a wide ranging discussion talking about:

  • Infant sleep
  • Whether or not to sleep train
  • The fact that all sleep training is not “cry it out”

From the summary of the podcast:

Getting a child to sleep through the night is one of the biggest challenges that parents face. In recent years, online wars have erupted between parents who advocate for behavioural sleep training methods and those who choose ‘baby-led’ parenting styles.

Much of the antagonism stems from the misunderstanding that sleep training is synonymous with so-called ‘Cry It Out’ techniques (aka extinction), most famously popularised by Dr Richard Ferber. But as our guest Dr Craig Canapari explains in this episode, sleep training encompasses much more than extinction methods, and includes a wide array of strategies and techniques for tackling sleep problems in babies, toddlers and even school-age kids.

Join us as we bust the myths, the stigmas and the misconceptions of what sleep training really is, and explore some of the techniques that Dr Canapari uses in his practice at Yale and in his book, It’s Never Too Late to Sleep Train.

Here’s link to the webpage, which has links to MANY different sites where you can listen. 

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