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Summer means barbecue, countless glasses of Pina Coladas and long, relaxing vacations with my family. I’ve to admit that traveling with twin kids hasn’t always been a smooth ride. In fact, our first few trips were a complete disaster. My husband and I had no idea how to enjoy our vacation without compromising our kids’ sleep.

But eventually, we started to get the hang of it. Let me tell you, planning ahead is the key here. Before my twins turned 3, we used to carry pack n plays with us. Now that they have outgrown it, we have resorted to inflatable toddler beds. These are easy to carry and snugly fits in one bedroom hotel rooms.

While pre-booking a hotel room, we always ask for the availability of rented cribs. Rents are usually cheap and we have one less item to carry on the trip. We manage to put two cribs side by side in a one-bedroom hotel room by adjusting furnitures a little bit.

Apart from pack and plays (for kids below 2.5 years), inflatable beds, rented cribs, here a few other options you can try:

  1. Pull-out Beds or Sofa Beds:

    This is our go-to option for short trips. If you are trying to cut-short expenses, this is your best option. Use bed rails to guard the edges of your hotel’s bed. Bed rails are inexpensive and easily available too.

    One time we forgot to pack them in our bags. Thankfully, we could buy them from a local store on our way to Portland. If you don’t have bed rails at hand, you can also stuff pool noodles under the bed sheet. That will also work.

  2. Infant Travel Tent:

    If you are on a camping trip, get your twins a travel tent. It is suitable for babies of all ages. It creates a soothing sleeping ambience and provides shelter from bad weather too.

  3. Get a Separate Bed:

    As long as your kids are comfortable sleeping in their own, full-size beds at home, you are sorted. Book a double bedroom in your hotel and watch your babies literally sleep like a baby.

  4. Co-sleeping:

    If your children are insisting on sleeping with you and you don’t mind sharing your bed space, go for it. However, this will work only if the bed is spacious enough to accommodate all of you. This is not really my favorite way to go but hey! Whatever floats your boat.

    You can do one more thing if you are not fine with co-sleeping. Comfort your twins in their cribs or bed first. If it’s a crib then drag it close to your bed during the nap time. If they are sleeping on a mattress or sofa bed, lying beside them for an hour or two will do the trick.

More Tips on Easily Getting Twins to Sleep on Vacation:

Arranging a perfect sleeping accommodation is only half the job done. Most kids find it hard to doze off in an unfamiliar environment. I know this for a fact because the adult me has the same struggle.

So here are a few additional tips to help your twins sleep peacefully on vacations:

Make Them Feel at Home

There is nothing for comforting than the scent of your own home. I usually pack their favorite stuff toys, PJ’s and blanket and even sheets before setting out. The familiar patterns, colors, and smell make it easy for kids to transition to a new sleeping environment.

Practice Runs

We always plan our trips at least one month ahead. If our kids are going to sleep in a crib, mattress or portable bed, we make them sleep on it for a month at home to get them accustomed to it. This also makes the transition fairly easy for them.

Follow Their Regular Bedtime Routine

I know it’s not always possible to stick to their usual bedtime routine on vacations but you can still try. If the routine involves taking a bath followed by brushing and book reading, you can easily follow this routine on vacation.

Bring Along a Travel Baby Monitor

I never forget to carry my travel baby monitor before leaving on a vacation. Just because we have kids with us doesn’t mean we can’t indulge in late night parties or enjoy some alone time. As long as I have the monitor, I can leave them alone in the room and go outside without constantly worrying about them.

Tire Them Out

Let the kids have a time of their lives, run, hop and play their hearts out. By the end of the day, they will be so exhausted that they’ll snooze as soon as they hit the sack. Clever, huh?

The Bottom Line

Sleeping arrangement is the first thing you should work on while planning a vacation with toddlers. If you are not fully prepared, you will be in a lot of trouble. After all, how can you enjoy a vacation while watching your babies stay up all night, crying? I hope my tips will help you have a great time with your twins and the entire family in the holiday season.

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