Sweet Dreams, Little One: How To Make A Sleep-Conducive Bedroom For Your Baby0

Getting quality sleep is as important as providing the right nutrition for your baby. It helps lower the risk of health conditions like being overweight and having diabetes. A safe and sleep-friendly bedroom also reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

But how does one transform a baby’s bedroom into an encouraging place for completing the recommended number of sleep hours for them? In this article, we’ll list seven important ways to turn your baby’s bedroom into a safe and sleep-conducive haven for your bundle of joy

1. Dark lighting to help your baby sleep better

Bright lights can trick your baby’s mind into thinking it’s still daytime, which makes it harder for him/her to fall asleep.

Placing black curtains on your windows can help dim the bedroom even when the sun’s still up. This is particularly helpful during summer days when the sun stays longer in the skies, even when it’s already 6 PM.

And when the sun rises earlier at dawn, your baby won’t be waking up that early since the dark lighting is tricking him/her that it’s still nighttime.

If your baby doesn’t like the dark lighting, you can place a nightlight by a bedside table to provide a little source of light.

2. Choose a sturdy yet comfortable crib

Your little one spends 16 hours or more in the crib, so choosing the right crib is the most crucial part of designing your baby’s bedroom. Also, keep in mind that bedsharing is not recommended for babies under one year of age because it puts your baby at greater risk of suffocation and entrapment.

Drop-side cribs are considered dangerous for babies, so ditch the passed-down antique cribs and buy a new crib instead. But of course, the priciest one isn’t guaranteed as the best option either.

If you’re going crib shopping, check out the updated guideline by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

3. Place storage bins for toys and other baby stuff

Placing storage bins in the room does more than helping you keep your baby’s bedroom decluttered. It also helps you keep the distracting stuff out of your child’s sight so s/he can focus on snoozing for the night.

Plus, it keeps your baby safe from sleeping over the baby toys, which can make his/her sleeping uncomfortable. But let the stuffed toy stay by his/her side! Babies fall asleep better when they have a source of comfort in their arms, aside from your warm embrace.

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You can mount wall shelves to minimize the use of space, or just choose some storage boxes that you can place under their cribs.

4. Keep the temperature cool

When sleeping in a bedroom under cool temperature, don’t you find yourself waking up feeling refreshed and energized?

Apparently, babies also sleep better with a cool temperature, according to research conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Our body temperature lowers automatically at night, especially when we’re about to sleep. Making your external environment mimic the diving temperature can keep your baby’s body temperature consistent and give your child the quality sleep s/he deserves.

Keep your thermostat around the recommended 60 – 67 F to keep your baby sleeping soundly.

5. A little background noise wouldn’t hurt

Loud noises can be distracting when attempting to get that dose of zzz’s, but a little noise won’t hurt to help your baby sleep better. S/he was already accustomed to hearing the faint sound of your heartbeat, or even the gurgling of your stomach when s/he was still in your womb, after all.

You can keep some background noise running in the bedroom for your baby with a white noise machine or a fan on low.

Yes, white noise machines are still safe to use for your baby, despite the rising claims of bringing more harm than comfort to babies. As long as you use them in moderation, you won’t run into any issues or risks mentioned by experts opposed to using white noise machines.

You don’t want to sacrifice an opportunity for everyone in the house to get some sound sleep. Because sleep deprivation is more dangerous than a white noise machine.

6. Fragrance and fresh air for a good night’s sleep

Some essential oils like lavender oils are perfect for aromatherapy before sleeping, as it was proven to induce sleeping to our little ones. You can place a few drops in a tissue and place it on their crib, or keep a humidifier in the bedroom.

But if your child shows alarming reactions towards the oil, keep the fragrance away from him/her immediately. Some babies don’t do well with oils like this (and that’s normal).

It’s also good to keep the fresh air swarming around the bedroom to keep airborne germs and dust particles away and bring some natural sunshine too. Open the windows every morning, and hang some indoor plants to help purify the air.

7. Choose the right wall colors

Ah, colors and their endless psychological magic to kids. You can mix-and-match some color combinations to help your babies fall asleep easily and wake up with a refreshed and giggly mood.

You can opt for a bright yellow wall to instill happy and cheerful vibes, a light green or blue color for a calming and soothing effect, then paint some accent of orange, red, pink or other warm colors to add more childish aura in the room.

Transforming your baby’s bedroom into a place that encourages good sleep benefits not only your child but everyone in the family as well!

You can enjoy dosing off to sleep comfortably without worrying that your baby is sleeping uncomfortably, or you jolting out of bed because you heard the sudden cries of your baby in the middle of the night. Everyone will be up-and-ready to face tomorrow with a refreshed mind and pure energy.

Susan is a proud mom and a blogger at Little Angels, a little blog that talks about the thankless (but absolutely rewarding) job called parenthood. I’m the mom of 2 little angels – albeit with teeny tiny horns – and everything on this blog is borne out of my experience with them

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