The Pankey Institute Dental Sleep Medicine Workshop0

Whether you’re new to dental sleep medicine or someone who’d like to expand his or her expertise, you and a small group of students will participate in lectures and hands-on training led by some of the country’s leading experts in dental sleep medicine throughout each day. You’ll wear a home sleep monitor during the course so that you are immersed in the patient experience throughout with expert guidance in reviewing and evaluating the additional components you’ll receive during the course including your own personal sleep study and custom made appliance!

Learning Objectives

  • An overview of normal human sleep and its systemic consequences.
  • The medical model for diagnosis and treatment of SDB, including details of medical diagnostic (polysomnography) and treatment (CPAP) modalities.
  • Dental screening for SDB, including questionnaires and dental, head and neck examination.
  • A literature-based view of the design, effectiveness, and potential problems with oral appliance therapy.
  • Home monitoring devices for initial screening and subsequent monitoring of mandibular advancement device (MAD) therapy.
  • The relationship between SDB and GERD, bruxism, and TMD — pathophysiology and management
  • A no-nonsense view of surgical options and predictability.
  • An introduction to pediatric sleep disorders and related comorbidities.
  • The philosophy and realities of introducing dental sleep medicine into practice.
"Learn How To Improve Your Sleeping Patterns and Get Deeper Into Sleep"
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