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Do you want to make sure you choose the best mattress for your kids for them to have a good night’s sleep every night? That is an amazing decision which every parent should put into consideration. When it comes to buying a mattress for your child, there are an entirely different set of recommendations you need to know since the sleep needs of children differ from adults’.

When you get the right mattress for your child, it will not only keep the spine and bones aligned but it will also reduce the rolling, fidgeting and discomfort associated with a bad mattress. As a result, your child will sleep more soundly and wake up fresher. So, why not read the <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener"SleepDelivered ghostbed mattress reviews and choose a GhostBed mattress that perfectly suits the needs of your child? Your child will be grateful for that. Further, consider the below tips as well.

Put comfort first

Comfort during sleep is very important for a child. Comfort, for children, makes the difference between sleeping for a whole night and waking up every now and then. Toddlers, for instance, fidget when they sleep. To make sure they are comfortable, choose a mattress that will reduce rolling and discomfort. Ideally, pick a firm mattress as it will help provide the much-needed support to toddlers’ still-growing bones.

Since a toddler’s bones are still growing, choosing a mattress that allows proper spine alignment during sleep is vital. There are two types of mattresses you can choose from. The first one would be an innerspring mattress which uses spring coils to provide support. While innerspring mattresses with higher spring counts are great for support, those with lower spring count have extra firmness since their coils are thicker. Such firmness makes the mattresses with lower spring count better for toddlers who fidget.
The second type is a memory foam mattress. This one hugs the body’s curves. Since memory foam is extremely dense and tends to conform to one’s body shape, they can help your child to avoid restless nights. If your child tends to get hot when they sleep, choose latex foam as it allows the skin to breathe.

Consider a growth spurt

Your child is growing really fast and for sure you do not want to constantly have to buy a new mattress because they do not fit in the old one. To be safe, option pick a mattress that will still accommodate and keep them comfortable even after a growth spurt. Select a mattress your child can use for a decade or even longer period. A twin mattress is usually the best choice to start with. However, if you think your child might grow taller, then you can opt for a twin XL since it is longer than the standard twin. That said, depending on your child’s age, you can also opt for a full-size mattress just to avoid disappointments.

Involve your child

Although this is not applicable to toddlers, if your child is old enough to understand certain things, then you should consider their opinion before getting them a new mattress. Supposing that the mattress they were using before got worn out, you want to hear if they loved the material or if the old mattress made the uncomfortable to avoid getting them something that they will hate, right? If you are buying the mattress from a physical store, then bring your child along. You can ask them to lay down on their back, side and stomach, allow for about five to ten minutes to determine if they feel comfortable while lying on the mattress. Ensure that they try out different mattresses from different brands before they decide which one gives then utmost comfort.

Consider the type of materials used in the mattress

There are different kinds of materials that are used to make mattresses, and not all are suitable for children. You want to keep your child safe in their sleep and when they are awake, right? Avoid getting your child a mattress that contains harmful chemicals such as polyurethane, phthalates, flame retardants or even heavy metals.
If your child is allergic or has sensitive skin, then you have to be extra careful when selecting a mattress for them. The best option for sensitive children is natural materials which include natural latex, cotton, organic wool, silk, and even bamboo. Synthetic materials are known to cause respiratory problems and other health issues among children, so ensure that you avoid them. If you are cautious about your environment, which you should be, make sure you look for the CertiPUR-US certification to ensure the mattress you are selecting for your child contains eco-friendly materials.

Check the density of the mattress

When it comes to kids’ mattresses, the denser it is, the better. The firmness of the mattress is the best way to test its density. To check the density of a mattress, press the sides of the mattress with your hands. If you can easily push inside, then it is not dense enough and it will not be durable.


A good mattress for your child should be waterproof for hygienic purposes. With children, it is not uncommon to have nights with pee, poop or even throw ups. Even if this will not happen every night, the few times it happens, it can cause trouble during the cleaning process. A waterproof mattress will ensure your child does not sleep on a wet bed with or a bed that has odor. Waterproof mattresses are also ideal for children who are prone to bedwetting. If you are really not into the idea of a waterproof mattress, then at least buy a waterproof cover. It will protect the mattress and spare you from cleaning troubles.

Do not consider a used mattress

This option might seem economical but in the long run, it is actually expensive. First of all, an already used mattress cannot last longer than a new one and so you will still have to buy a new mattress, eventually. Secondly, there is no guaranteeing that the used mattress you get your child has no bacteria, mold, mites, and bodily fluid residue of the previous users. Is that what you want your child to sleep on? If you want your child to have a good night, avoid used mattresses.

The bottom line

Just like any other member of your family, your child deserves to have a good night’s rest. Although it can seem daunting when buying a mattress for your child, with the above tips, you will definitely get the perfect mattress that will allow a child to enjoy peaceful nights. Getting a supportive and durable mattress for your child is a great investment and it will have a great positive impact on their growth.

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