To Compete With Startups, Old-School Mattress Makers Plug Into Data0

Tempur Sealy announced its latest bid to win back your bedroom: a smart sleep “system” called the Tempur-Ergo Smart Base Collection with Sleeptracker technology. It uses an array of sensors to monitor heart rate and respiration, plus environmental conditions in the bedroom, like temperature, humidity, and air quality.

The real clincher, though, is the new “snore detection technology,” which leverages all that sensor data to detect the faintest whiff of a snore and gently reposition your head to make you stop.

“It automatically elevates the head of your bed, between 11 and 13 degrees,” says Tom Murray, Tempur Sealy’s senior vice president and marketing officer. “For many people, that inclination can help to alleviate the snoring. It will be the first product to market that does that automatically.”

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