Tom Middleton – Sleep 1 (Sunset) [Audio]0

Sunset by Tom Middleton
(Psychoacoustic Sound Designer and Sleep Science Coach)
​Taken ​ from Sleep Better psychoacoustic soundscapes ​album.
Suggested to be played an hour before ​ ​bedtime as part of a mindful sleep hygiene routine.

This track is specifically designed to engage the listener and initiate the process of winding down and relaxing whilst listening to the whole soundscape album.
For the full experience please stream or download here :

Imagine perhaps gently swaying in a hammock suspended between two palm trees overlooking a tropical ocean as the sun sets. You can hear the waves gently swashing on the shore ahead of you as you watch the mesmerising golden shimmer of light turning to deep magenta as the sun melts into the horizon.

​The subsequent tracks are designed to disengage the listener, gradually slowing heart and respiration rate​ which helps activate the relaxation mechanism. #SleepBetterSounds

Music video by Tom Middleton performing Sleep 1 (Sunset). © 2018 Tom Middleton, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited

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