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Dog with Baby
Bringing a dog into a family with a baby is a responsible step. You must choose thoroughly a canine that can become a friend for you and your baby, will be your guard and companion. Luckily, there are plenty of dog breeds that will be friendly with your babies and will protect them as their own.

Canines can become excellent educators for your kids, teaching them compassion, responsibility, and friendship. Moreover, they are the best playmates and protectors. But before taking a canine, learn which dog breeds are best with children. Here is our list.

Dog Breeds Ideal for Families with Children

Golden Retrievers are loyal, amiable and delicate dogs that are considered to be one of the best family-friendly dog breeds. Golden retrievers prefer to be with people and treat the babies very well. However, pay attention that this breed needs a lot of space and it’s very active and energetic.

Labradors are active and friendly canines. Labradors don’t like to be away from their families and they need a lot of exercise, but they are considered to be one of the baby-friendly dog breeds.

Boxers are playful and friendly canines. Boxers can slobber but they are quite neat in other ways. Don’t forget to feed your boxer with the best large breed dog food.

Newfoundlands are among the dog breeds that are good with babies. Newfoundlands are famous with their good temperaments which help them to tolerate kids, even the smallest ones. They are responsive to training and they like to please their owners. Don’t forget that Newfoundlands are among the dog breeds with a long coat which needs to be maintained. Moreover, extra drool can cause a problem.

Pugs are nice, friendly and great with babies, as a rule. They follow their owners all the time and they don’t like to be alone for a long time. They have excessive salivation and this can cause some problems.

Cute Pug

Traits of Canine Breeds that Are Good with Toddlers

Our list of dogs can be prolonged, of course. A lot of canine breeds are suitable for families with babies. But what traits should a canine possess to become a great companion for a family with a baby?
Most canines that are good with babies possess:

  • Tranquility – overactive dogs that jump constantly don’t suit well for a family with babies. Try to find a canine with a calm temperament in order to help to prevent unintentional injuries.
  • Fidelity – dogs that are very finely to their owners will most likely be faithful to their toddlers too. Loyal canines are among the best family guard dog breeds.
  • Gentleness – it will be very good if your dog possesses the ability to play gently. This quality doesn’t depend on dog breeds; it depends on the canine only.
  • Dog obedience – it must go without saying that only canines that show obedience can be allowed to be close to the toddlers. They must do the minimal set of commands such as sit, lay, come when it’s required. This will guarantee that you will be able to control your dog while holding your baby.
  • Tolerance – the canine that will tolerate a toddler’s pulling, screaming, pushing will be perfect for families with babies. This canine mustn’t be aggressive if a child annoys it with his or her behavior.

We must remind you again that the ability to interact with toddlers doesn’t depend on dog breed. It depends on the canine’s temperament and personality. Some Akitas can become good friends for toddlers and there are golden retrievers that can’t make friends with children.

What dog breeds are the best for families with toddlers in your opinion? Share your experience.

Author’s bio: Rachel Hudson loves dogs and is a freelance writer from London. Together with her pet she enjoys going on long walks together in parks and fields. She often attends Crufts, the most famous UK dog show. She has contributed to a variety of different animal publications and sites such as

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