Top Décor Tips for Your Baby’s Nursery0

Planning a nursery for a new baby is a wonderful project for new and expecting parents. They fill the room with love that will see him or her through their first years of life. It’s the place your baby plays, sleeps, and learns so many new things. Decorating a nursery is also therapeutic for parents anxious about the new family addition. Everything needs to be just right. It’s no wonder so many parents want to make it perfect before their child’s arrival. Setting up a nursery takes planning to make sure everything he or she needs will be there in a safe, comfortable setting. Here are some great décor tips for the perfect nursery.

  1. Picking a Cohesive Color Scheme

    As an adult, you might enjoy diverse, loud colors, but picking bright shades of paint and furniture can go wrong in a child’s nursery. The color of the room should evoke calm feelings to help the baby sleep well. It also needs to help keep you calm when things are crazy. Picking the right color palette will likely save you hundreds of hours of sleep as a new parent. That doesn’t mean you’re relegated to light pink for girls and sky blue for boys. If you’re a bit more non-traditional, choose something that’s more your style. Antique whites are a great choice, as well as neutral colors like tan, beige, and cream. Whether they’re warm or cool colors, just make sure they’re soothing. Yellow and green are increasingly popular in nurseries as well. Really, you can’t go wrong with colors as long as things don’t clash and make the room feel disjointed. Remember, it’s all about getting your little one to sleep.

  2. Have Fun with a Theme

    Before you have kids, themes can seem a little hokey. Rooms outfitted with dinosaurs or with an Amazon jungle thing are cheesy, right? Well, once you’re expecting or have kids, all that goes out the window. Really all you care about is making the room perfect for your kid, a place they can be happy and feel at home in. Themes don’t mean you have to stick with rubber duckies if that’s not your thing. They could mean you stick with wooden furniture or keep things simple with stuffed animals and patterned sheets. It’s easy to go overboard with themes, which is ok if you’re up for redecorating once they’ve outgrown princesses.

  3. Don’t Scrimp on the Shades

    Spend a decent amount of money or time on getting nice shades for your baby’s nursery. Babies sleep a lot during the days their first few months. Nice heavy shades will be able to mimic nighttime any time of day. Babies aren’t dumb, they know they’re supposed to be awake when it’s light out, even though their little bodies are tired. You need to start early associating darkness with bedtime, so nights get easier.

  4. Avoid Clutter with Easy Layout Plans

    We know every parent wants the best for their kids. They don’t want them to go without anything, so a lot of times they end up overbuying and stuffing too much into a nursery. Even though you think 20 stuffed animals are cute, you’ll end up regretting over decorating. Stay simple with layout plans to keep things clean and soothing. Position things close to the changing table so you don’t have to walk away from your baby if there’s a mess. A few nice touches really are all you need to make your baby feel at ease. Remember, you’re going to be stumbling in there several times in the middle of the night. It’s smart to not have a million things all over the floor you could trip over.

  5. Wall Décor

    Walls are a great place to focus on in nurseries. There is a slew of companies dedicated to wall lettering for nurseries. Even though it’s common, spelling out your baby’s name across the wall is an elegant touch. It adds to the excitement of the baby’s arrival. Parents feel great having their baby’s name on the wall to signify that it’s their space, despite the fact they can’t read yet. If you do hang block letters, just make sure they’re not directly over the crib in case one falls while he or she is sleeping. There are also great stickers you can put on walls in shapes like stars or balloons that are cute and add warmth.

  6. Don’t Be Afraid to DIY

    In the lead up to the baby’s birth, or while on leave afterward, you can fill the time by taking on some DIY projects for the nursery. Crafting is also a great way to save money on fixing up a nursery. There are tons of video tutorials online on how to make crib mobiles or wall murals for your child. Just make sure anything you do is well-secured and non-toxic.

  7. Incorporate Items from Loving Family and Friends

    You’ll get a lot of gifts in baby showers before they’re born. If you have space, use some of the books and toys to decorate your nursery. That way your child can play with them while you explain who they came from. It’s a great way to reinforce to your baby that they are surrounded by people who love them.

  8. Go for It

    Who knows how many kids you have, and they’ll only be this small once. If you have an idea for a nursery you’ve always love, just go for it. If you want to go all in on racecars, now’s your chance. Who cares if trends will go out of style if it makes the room feel right for you then it’s a smart move. Remember, it’s important for parents to feel happy and relaxed in nurseries as well. You’re going to be in there almost as much as your child.

  9. Get a Good Nursing Chair

    Yes, they’re expensive, and yes, they look like normal chairs but find a way to get a nice nursing chair. Nursing children can be a stressful journey, so make sure you do whatever you can to make it easier on you. You’ll thank yourself at 2 AM on the second month. And when you’re done pacing for hours trying to get your little one to sleep, you’ll be glad you bought the one that rocks back and forth so you don’t go insane.

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