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In this video I give you a super cool and simple tip on how to sleep better. If you want to know more ways to improving your sleep naturally, go here: http://thethoughtgym.com/sleepsoundly/

This is about how you control the times you use smartphones, tablets and even TVs and PCS. It’s all about screentime.

You will be stunned by what I share in this video, all real life scientific study results. Really quite scary how this impacts your sleep patterns at night. I was staggered!

What I suggest may appear tough but if you genuinely want to know how to sleep better at night and do it all naturally, then start by following this. You have absolutely nothing to lose and clearly getting a good night’s rest is so important to us.

Even if you have to start conditioning yourself slowly, this simple ‘hack’ will help you sleep better and faster. I use it and it works for me.

Give it a go and see how, after a good night’s rest, your day and energy levels are so much better.

Tell me how you get on in the comments!

Want to know more about how you can dramatically improve your sleep in a matter of days?
Then go here, http://thethoughtgym.com/sleepsoundly/ where I share more.

There’s nothing worse than feeling tired all the time and losing focus throughout the day.

Because I went through this whole ‘sleep problem’ myself, I started to do some research to discover the best methods to remedy this problem and then set about making changes in my own life.

What I discovered isn’t rocket science, yet most people are simply not doing it. As I say in the video you’ll find at the link above, what’s common knowledge isn’t common practice.

I share totally natural solutions which will genuinely help you sleep better and fall asleep faster at night.

Don’t we all just want to go to bed, fall asleep quickly and wake up the next day full of energy and raring to go. I’m very pleased to say that I do now, everyday.

So I’d love to help you by sharing my successful methods.

Check this out: http://thethoughtgym.com/sleepsoundly/

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