Why Good Employers Want You to Put Down the Phone and Get More Sleep0

The Boston Globe reports that more companies are recognizing the importance of having a well-rested team. Some are even hosting seminars so their staff members can learn about sleep hygiene.

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“>More than a third of American adults fail to regularly get at least seven hours of shut-eye. In an always-on culture where employees sleep with their phones, fatigue is the new normal.

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“>Companies, aware that sleep deprivation costs the US economy more than $400 billion each year in lost productivity, are trying to change that, says Debra Wein, CEO and founder of Wellness Workdays, a Hingham company whose offerings include sleep quality assessment programs.

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“>She says her company, which has worked with Columbia Construction and Cape Cod Healthcare, has seen a jump in requests for sleep-related seminars and workshops in the last two years. “Companies are realizing that sleep is a key issue for employee mood, productivity, memory, and engagement, especially as technology and greater demands make it harder to break away,” Wein says.

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“>Get the full story at bostonglobe.com.


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