Work- Life Balance: Getting By as Parents0

Even people who do not have children yet understand how tough it can be for parents. You understand that when you have to take care of your one-year old nephew for half an hour. That gets you wondering how people manage to raise their children. Studies have shown that most parents complain of less sleeping hours when their child is still in the early years. ‘Bye bye sleep’ is an often repeated joke from parents to people who have just been blessed with a newborn. It is hard raising a child and maintaining a balance in life. It gets even harder when both the parents are working. If that is so, there comes the whole process of screening and hiring a nanny for the baby. Almost half the parents feel frustrated that they are not able to give adequate efforts and time to their work or family.

It is a pretty fine line when it comes to balancing your life as a parent. They have to compromise on some aspects of life and divide responsibilities as per their convenience to make it easier for them to handle it. Millennials have a different viewpoint of life; they tend to have a different set of values than the generation before them. It only makes sense that they would want to live life on their own terms rather than let life set its own course. The millennial and Gen Z generation have already pushed employers to bring in more flexibility in their work hours. This has helped bring a positive change around the world in work culture. There are many problems parents face while their child is still a toddler. Here are some of them and their solutions:

1. Finding A Nanny- This one is the most difficult tasks. Parents are obviously picky when it comes to choosing a nanny for taking care of their child. It is hard to trust a stranger and even more so, trusting them with your child. There are many ways to find a nanny, the most common one being to ask around in your social circle. When nannies come with recommendations, parents are more inclined to hire and trust them. There are also websites like Care and Urbansitter where you can search for nannies and select one among many. You can even put up local advertisements for this. It takes some time to select a nanny for the interviews and screening candidates take some time.

2. Opting For A Quiet Lifestyle- There is no way that a child on the way should hamper your career opportunities. Parents tend to drop off on the work when they have the additional responsibility of a newborn. Such is the number of freelancing opportunities out there that parents can cool off the work pressure and take freelancing jobs for a while. One path is also to talk to your manager, but it will not give you that much of a leeway you hope for. If you are a young parent with little work experience, you can help out students with their homework and earn money from that. For example, you can provide algebra homework help to students if you were good at studies in school. You can even provide essay assignment help to college students or become an essay typer for school students.

3. Taking care of yourself- If you are to be fully capable of taking care of a child, you need to take care of yourself first. If you are not in perfect mental and physical health, it will get hard for you to take care of a child. If you are tired and lacking in energy, you would not be able to put in the efforts that taking care of a child requires. If you are tensed about your work life or feel depressed with the responsibilities on your shoulders, you will not be able to give your complete efforts; children pick up on moods and are more receptive to mood and environment. Even if you have a rough day at the office, try to relax by the time you reach home.

4. An organized lifestyle- This needs to become a necessity if you are to take control of your life and people who depend on you. There needs to be certain sense of an organized lifestyle for it is required to take care of you and your child. You need to give time to your work, your partner, and your child. That can only be achieved if you have an organized lifestyle to take care of the priorities in life. If you do not go this way, it will soon be chaos in life. Things are different when you have a baby; as soon you understand the responsibilities on your shoulders, the better it will be for your family.

5. Asking For Help- One should know the limits and capabilities of oneself. It is never a bad time to ask for help. If you feel that it is getting hard for you; there is always the option of going to your parents or family. If you have people available around you to help with the child, it will be much easier for you. If not that, you can move with the family of your partner. People who are close to you will be of great help to you in such times.

6. Go one way- Such is the burden of work and responsibilities on the young parent’s shoulders that you should not even think about multitasking with your work. If you start doing that, you will be extremely tired and frustrated by the end of day for it not only sucks out your physical energy but also takes a toll on your mental health too. If you are bathing a child, do only that; don’t go off to check on what’s on stove and answering calls. If you start multitasking when you have a baby, it will drive you crazy.

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